Friday, November 21, 2008

That money is gone forever.

I am exhausted from my busy night of TWILIGHT! Mara, Mara's sister Megan, and I all stood in line behind a lot of screaming teenagers to see the movie. I could tell you about it....but...suffice to say that afterward, Megan stood karate kicking the wall of the theater, demanding her $9.50 back. The wall was unmoved.

So instead of regaling you with tales of the two scenes of the movie I enjoyed, or the legions of screaming girls we watched the movie with, I will show you some things I know you are much more interested in! hair.

I apologize for my strange expression...I was in a rush to leave for the movie and I talk a lot and very fast. John was trying to get me to pose and I was saying "Hurry up and take it I have to go! Come on!"

Here is what my dear family was doing this evening when I was leaving.

The kids (including the biggest one there) love the trampoline and as you can tell from the is freezing cold in Florida right now! Breath visible in the air cold! It is insane.

But here is the most adorable part of my evening, hands down...Seth B. representing and flashing me and I love you sign.

How adorable is that?! He is a genius. And here is my precious baby doing what he does best...looking scrumptious. Don't you just want to grab him and love on him? I sure do, but that would wake him up, and interrupt the amazing dream he appears to be having.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. =)


Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Well, now I don't feel so bad to be out of the "Twilight" loop...your family is beautiful (and so is you hair)!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, already doing sign language at 4 months. I AM IMPRESSED! =0)

I think your hair is darling, so quit freaking out over the bangs. At least your hairdresser isn't like my daughter. If you saw my blog yesterday, that'll make sense.

E =0)

Julie said...

How sweet!! I'm going to have to work with my kids on that!

Your hair is cute!! What's wrong with it?

Hall Family in MD said...

Love the pics!! Your hair looks great =)

Les said...

Just got back from the Twilight movie... is that what you saw? Love the hair- are those natural curls?? And yes Seth is so scrumptious... I feel that same baby love for my sweet 5 month old. Nothing like it!

Rose said...

Cute hair. Too sad about Twilight, I'm going to see it on Friday.

Les said...

I did really like Twilight. I hadn't heard the hype about it at all just happened to be at the right movie time-- but the cinematography was excellent; and the love story moving-- reminded me of the high school love days :) Will see the sequel for sure.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Seth has gotten in just two months! He looks absolutely precious! BTW, love your new hair! :)

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