Friday, August 21, 2009

Greetings My Dear

I think someone took my pleas for a hug a little too seriously. Someone in Nigeria, I'm pretty sure. I received this gem today.

Greeting my dear,
my name is mary i am a young beautiful girl with full of love and caring also romantic,
well i saw your profile today and i love it,i think we can click together please i will like you to use your email address ( to contact me directly to my email box at the same time i will show you my photo and you also know more about me. thanks for your understanding please contact me with this email address below

Wow. Someone needs to brush up on their grammar! As I always say, Good Grammar Costs Nothing! (Well, I actually wear a sweatshirt that says that a lot, rather than actually saying it aloud. But anyway.) I have the feeling if I emailed her back she would try to woo me and then ask me to make a wire transfer for her. I decided not to leave her hanging.

Dear Mary,

Thanks for your astonishingly well written letter and your compliments about my "profile." I'm not really sure what kind of profile you're talking about, as I usually get bored with any profiles before I finish filling them out and quit. My Blogger profile? It's pretty boring. My actual physical profile? Also not that nose is not my favorite feature so you will very rarely see profile pictures of me. But thanks for the compliment anyway!

I think it's great that you're young and beautiful, and the fact that you're full of love and caring is impressive. And it's good to know romance isn't dead! If you read my profile you may have noticed my life's not very romantic lately. Maybe that's why you wrote! It's so nice of you to think of me, but even my husband leaving me is not enough for me to be romantically interested in a young, beautiful girl. I just don't swing that way.

Thanks for understanding!


Seriously. Seriously? Man, people are weird.
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