Monday, October 19, 2009


Man, I am starving for Chili! We have about two days left of our forecasted cold snap, and I'm going to have to see if I can finagle my mom into make me some chili before it gets hot again. Chili! She makes the best good that I've never even bothered to learn how to make any kind of chili, because I know it won't turn out the same. Kind of like how a sandwich is always better if someone else makes it for you.

Or is that just me?

Anyway. We had to turn the heat on in our van this morning. Yes, I know all you northerners are sick of me talking about the cold. But my kids have never been anywhere else really, aside from visits, so for them, this really is COLD weather! Ava wouldn't walk out the door this morning without a coat, and she actually asked for gloves. I told her to suck it up. Even I have limits.

We carved pumpkins today, pumpkins we procured during an ill fated visit to the pumpkin patch yesterday that resulted in Seth getting dropped face first into a pumpkin. You'd think a pumpkin couldn't do much damage, but he's definitely a little worse for the wear. After the patch, we headed off to do the kids very favorite thing in the whole wide world...get the car washed. They love watching me vacuum out the car, mostly because they are actually afraid that I may suck them into the vacuum accidentally, and then we headed into the automatic car wash.

The particular place we go is actually a no mans land of bays and vacuuming stations, with two drive through automatic car washes on the end. No one works there. We got into the wash, watched the van get soaped up with pink soap, and then sat.

"Why is this taking so long?" Ava asked me.

"The soap has to sit on the van for a minute so that it can get the dirt off." I answered knowingly. I mean, that sounds like it could be true.

But two minutes later, when I realized all the lights were off and we were still covered in soap, I realized the awful truth...we were stranded in a broken down automatic car wash.

I didn't even know that could happen!

But alas, it can, and eventually after I realized no magic fairies were going to appear to wash my car, I had to finagle my way out of the bay and try the other one, after paying again. Of course. Stupid car wash. I want to complain, but I'm too lazy to go back and try to find a number to call. I bet they were counting on that...their customers being to lazy to actually wash their own cars OR to complain when their washers, or whatever, break down. Well played, abandoned car wash. Well Played.

At least the kids thought it was entertaining, though. Guess it's better than too much tv!
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