Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dancing Machine

So tonight all four kids and I were hanging out watching a little "Annie" on netflix. (Sidenote: I am so happy that streaming netflix has come to the Wii! I never have to leave my house now). I, of course, was singing along with every song until my five year old said "Um, mom, can you stop? I can't really hear the real singers."

Oh, snap.

So I got up graciously and went to do the dishes that were in the sink, and then the "Let's go to the movies, Annie" scene came on, and before I knew it I was doing my own personal kick line and leaping and twirling across the floor in a very impressive fashion, if I do say so myself. Seth was laughing and shaking his bottom, Jace was boogying right next to me, and I knew at any moment Ava was going to be overcome with emotion and have to join in our impromptu family dance off. I was throwing some impressive spins in and the thought crossed my mine that maybe I missed my true calling as a ballet or break dancer, and then I started doing some awesome handstands, getting a little giddy with my own perceived talent.

Finally I stood up, breathing heavily, and the boys grabbed my hands and we started dancing in a circle. I smiled a huge smile at Ava and I said "Honey, don't you like our dancing?"

She considered my question for a second as she lounged on the cough, then tilted her head to the side and she totally yeah whatevered me. "Great dancing mom, but could you move out of the way? You guys are doing the steps all wrong and I want to see the right way to do it. Maybe you guys could go do whatever it is you're trying to do in the kitchen."

Maybe I've actually jumped forward in time 10 years and she's 15. Yeah, that must be it.

That's the only explanation.
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