Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now I have two I can call "Trouble"

Seth has always been nicknamed "Trouble" around here. He gets into things, he makes messes, he climbs things he shouldn't.

And it looks like his sister is following right in his footsteps.


This picture is of Evany in her bouncy seat. A seat that is ramped up. And yet somehow, she has rolled over onto her stomach. She was rocking herself back and forth when I took this. Then she slid out of it. Then she practically did a forward roll. 

I think we've officially outgrown the bouncy seat and I am not happy about it! But she's just too much of a daredevil these days. 

And now we've got two kids who answer to "Trouble" in the house!

What have your babies gotten into way before their time?
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