Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a week!

This feels like it's flown by and crawled at the same time. This time last week, we were pulling into our hotel on the first night of our road trip.

I won't lie. This week has been exhausting. Homeschooling the kids full time while keeping the babies occupied is a daunting task. When we had homeschool days in Florida, we actually did it at school as a condition of the kids' scholarship along with the other scholarship families, and all the little kids hung out in another room with an adult while we taught and we all rotated in and out. Actually homeschooling at home with all four of them underfoot is really challenging.

Evany is getting all four of her one year molars at once and is super clingy, and Seth is taking it all extremely personally. Still, though, we're getting it done and surviving so far. It's been nice to get to see in more depth just what the kids know and are learning. Five days of teaching is so much more involved than two, and once again, it's a learning curve for us all (I think everything in life right now is!) What do you guys in cold climates DO when your kids get tired of being in the house? We ended up meeting up with friends at fast food places with play areas a couple of times this week just to break up the day and let the kids get some energy out, but I need ideas. It's too cold to go outside but we need activity!

I had a great visit with Seth's new early intervention coordinator today, and I'm really excited that all his therapy will now be taking place at home. I am so excited! I've thought for a while now that he would "perform" better if he was at home instead of in an office and I'm really looking forward to what this could mean for him. I also got a list of the schools that we'll be able to choose between for him for next year so that I could start researching them. Everyone I've talked to so far has been so nice and excited about Seth. It's been really heartening for me to see in an otherwise kind of overwhelming week.

In other good news, my OB care is all lined up and I'll be delivering at a hospital with a great level III NICU, just in case. We have hit a little glitch with the weekly injections I take going up in price by over a thousand dollars. That's huge, since I've always paid for the medication out of pocket. I just found out about it today, and we're all rushing around to get as much of the progesterone ordered as we can before the changes take effect, which I believe it on Monday. It's always something! But I'm sure we'll get it figured out.

A while back I mentioned my friend Aimee, who recently adopted her son Harris from Ethiopia. She let me know today that the Ethiopian government is getting ready to severely cut back on adoptions from the country, and the statistic I saw was that children would have to wait 5-7 years longer to find homes with families thanks to these changes. If you have a heart for adoption, please check out this petition, read it, and sign it if you feel led to do so. It makes me sad when deserving families are denied the right to adopt children who are in orphanages without local families who want them, so I hope this petition does some good. You can check it out HERE.

I have yet to catch up on sleep this week as I have had at least one five or six year old crawling into bed with me, so I'm off to bed. Have a great night!
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