Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heard on the way home from school

As I pulled up to the car line at school today, I beckoned the megaphone lady over.

"Hi! I'm taking home some extra kids today, so I'll be taking the McCall, blank, and blank families home."

Incredulous look.

"In one car?" She asked "Or, in two cars?"

I looked around, pretty sure I had only brought one car.

"Um, just the one car. If you could just call them."

"McCall, blank, and blank!" She called into the megaphone as I pulled up. The next person, the one who ushers the kids into the car, looked at me.

"So, who are you picking up? Just Ava?" She apparently had not heard the megaphone announcement.

"No, I am picking up Ava, A, E, M and M today."

"Really? All in one car? Will they fit?" She asked, apparently unsure. I assured her they would, and all five kids came trooping into the car. We get situated, buckled, snacks handed out, and I start driving...and it begins.

"Mrs. McCall, could you make sure the dog is locked up before we get home? My brother is scared of her."

"You don't have to be scared of her, she doesn't bite. Much."

"Mrs. McCall, E said that she bites!"

"I did not! I said she does not bite much! She only bites you if you run away from her."

"Mrs. McCall, can you lock her up? We need you to lock her up! My brother is VERY scared!"

"Well M, I cannot actually telepathically lock the dog up. It will have to wait until we get home."

"Well, OK, but my brother is just really scared. Can't you see?" I look back at him, and he is shrugging his shoulders at me. Apparently that is his scared look.

(Note...the dog does not bite at all. I do not know why they said she does)

"I am going to be Gabriella from High School Musical for Halloween. I just love Gabriella. Do you know Gabriella, Mrs. McCall?"

"No, we have not seen High School Musical, M."

"Mama, Can we see High School Musical? Ava asked me. Before I could answer, E stepped in.

"Ava, I think High School Musical is just a little old for you. Maybe when you turn 5 you could watch it. You are just too young right now."

(FYI...E turned 5 one month ago. What a difference a month makes! =))

And upon arriving home from school....Ava went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and shrieked loudly, running back into the living room very dramatically.
"We have an emergency! There is only one piece of pie left!"


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