Friday, October 10, 2008

A Response!

Seth got refitted for his hearing aids today...The last molds we got were outgrown before he even received them, which made for a pretty hellish two weeks full of feedback while we waited for the new molds to come in.

BUT...they finally came in and it made a HUGE difference! When his awesome audiologist, Miss B, did the feedback test on his left ear, his eyes popped open and he looked SO was amazing.

She says that probably the best we can hope for is some environmental sounds with the aids, but something is better than nothing. This way at least his auditory nerve has something to do!

Every day I am so amazed by Seth...he is such a miracle. He is the most alert, beautiful, content baby I have ever seen (but admittedly, I may be biased). At the same time, I know I am still grieving his deafness...that I have been so busy handling everything that it will hit me one day when my guard is down. But I know now that even though that day when I get knocked over by this is coming, that I will recover, that God will pick me up and remind me that He will never give me anything that I cannot handle, and if it does turn out that I can't handle it, that He will handle it for me, and all I have to do is let him.


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