Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Quick post before I pass out on the computer...

Seth had his 3 month check up today.

26 inches long (96th %)
13 lb 2 oz (50th %)

His social skills have caught up to his actual age, but his muscle development is more on track with an 8 week old (He is almost 14 weeks). That bummed me out some, but I have to remind myself that he should be 8 weeks, and so he is doing ok. His pediatrician says she thinks that he will be caught up by 9 months, and we have some things to work on at home. Soon, Early Intervention will be out to do a full evaluation on him, and we'll know what we need to work on.

But the doctor, nurses, and I all agreed on one thing...Seth is super cute!

And now, to bed!


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