Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cute Baby votes. Twice.

Voting was awesome today! Jace's girlfriend's mom and I ran into each other at the polling place, so instead of the magazine and book she and I respectively brought, we just gabbed. I was nervous about how long it would take and whether I would have to find a way to nurse Seth without getting out of line. Yes, I worry about strange things.

But it was pointless worry...the line was moving super fast! And I had a surprise in store...just a few voters ahead of me in line was my handsome husband, wearing some terrible aviator shades. No, we did not cut in line.

In just a few moments, we had made it inside and were voting! In our county, they were using paper ballots with a little oval that you fill in for the candidate you want. I was worried that if I did not fill it in perfectly, it would get thrown out, so I was a little crazy about it. Seth waited patiently by my side, apparently very underwhelmed by his first voting experience.

On our way out, we ran into a few other friends who were voting, which was super exciting! It was great to see everyone getting out early! Now to watch the news incessantly, knowing there is nothing else I can do and leaving it all up to Him! I have faith that God has it all under control.

My camera is dead, or you would see an adorable picture here of Seth in his Team Baby sleeper wearing two "I voted!" stickers. Believe me, you would think it was amazingly cute. But the batteries died and I have to find the charger. It's unfortunate.


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