Friday, November 7, 2008

Foto Friday!

My thoughts are a muddled swirl today, so instead of a real post, you're going to get pictures of our family! Yay you!

This is me with my two of my very best friends since high school. Lindsey (on your left) is Ava's godmother, and Kara (on your right) is Jace's godmother. They both live way too far away!
This is a picture taken at my baby shower just five days before Seth made his appearance! The lovely ladies in this picture have been through the wringer with me, and I love them for that and lots of other things. After everything we've been through, they definitely qualify as family!

Ava and Jace with their one and only cousin, Caedren. She also lives way too far away!

I just really like this one. =)

And this one is my mom, Ava, Seth and I on Ava's birthday this year (number 4). Jace isn't in it because he was too busy running around, and John isn't it it because he was taking the picture.

All these pictures have out me in a reminiscent mood, so brace yourself for more picture-ific posts to come!


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