Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Answers.

I think I am coming down with the flu. Or a cold. Either way, I don't like it! Not good for much tonight, so I am just going to answer a couple of questions that have come my way lately.

First, to Rose, who wrote:

Hi! I could use your advice then.... I'm looking for a stroller that rocks, of course (and rolls) but that can also be used with a jogger. I have a jeep and a baby trend and am ready to throw them both to the curb! I want to sell both and just have one, multipurpose stroller.

One stroller? Good luck! Just kidding. It is possible! You need to evaluate your needs. When you say jogging stroller, you need to clarify a bit. Do you actually want to run, or do you just want something all terrain? I'm going to assume you want to jog, and so I would take a look at the Bob Revolution if I were you. It has sixteen inch tires and shocks in back (you want at least sixteen inch tires for running), but a smaller swivel wheel in front, so it is actually great as a jogger outside and very responsive and nimble inside. A lot of people buy it for their one and only. If you didn't want to jog and want something a big smaller, you could check out the Baby Jogger City Mini. It has an amazingly small fold and is super light, while still having a huge seat, full recline, and the best canopy ever. The tires are EVA foam and have shocks in front. It is suitable for use on decent pavement and parks, etc. Absolute best errand stroller ever...I can literally hold my baby and fold the stroller all at the same time.

A quick aside about brands...I am not a brand snob. But I am an engineering snob. A well engineered stroller will make your life easier, and a badly engineered stroller will make it harder. In most cases, the extra cost of some of the higher end brands is totally worth it when you factor in how long they last and how well they work, as opposed to many brands, which you end up replacing at least once or twice.

Hope that helps, Rose!

Second, to Les, who writes:

I have the bugaboo cameleon.. and I LOVE IT! Bought it about at half price used from a sweet mom. Every time I use it I am excited because it is so Great!! Is this one good El?
Awesome deal, Les! I will let this picture speak louder than any words could:

This is Ava and Jace back when we first got our Cameleon. Isn't she adorable? Jace's feet are pretty cute, too. =) This stroller has been through the wringer with us, and it is still one of my go to strollers. Seth rode in it at halloween, and Jace loves the ride on board! It has the best, biggest toddler board of any stroller I've seen. Love it, it's great on the beach, at the mall, and outside! So Les, you have a great stroller!

Audrey said this:
As a tech, I hope that you are correcting the misconception that rear facing is only for babies! My 15 month is still rearfacing and will be until he reaches 35 lbs!!
Why yes, Audrey! I am an annoyingly huge proponent of extended rear facing. Kids who forward face before the age of two are ridiculously more likely to suffer severe spinal injury...five times more likely, in fact! It's simple, really. When children are young (under the age of 3-6), their spinal column is connected by cartilage. Under pressure from a crash, it can stretch up to two inches. The spinal cord, however, can only stretch 1/4 of an inch. This leads to a terrible injury called internal decapitation, and it can be avoided by keeping the babies rear facing as long as possible...up to 35 pounds. For us, that was 2 1/2 for Ava, and 2 years old for Jace. The legal minimum of 1 year/20 pounds is severely outdated, and just that, a minimum, and not best practice.

People always aske how I ever kept them rear facing that long, but they loved it! Plus they never knew any different. My life actually got harder when they turned around...they became my own personal backseat drivers, and they hated how their legs would fall asleep.

Finally, Julie asked:

Your hair is cute!! What's wrong with it?
Nothing is wrong with it, per se. =) I was a little upset the day that it was cut, as the guy totally styled it in a mom style. I also didn't like the wispy bangs he gave me. But really, I was just mourning the loss of my long hair, which was like this:
And it was actually quite a big longer in the back, which you can't see here. So I think I was just having trouble identifying with myself as someone with "short" hair. I don't like change, you see. =)

Now I have to go make a shopping list for Thanksgiving. Fun!


E @ Scottsville said...

Well, it was long and beautiful in the photo, but guess what - news flash: YOU ARE A MOM! ha ha ha

I had long hair at one time and guessed it...shorter hair. Hmmm, see what kids do to us?

Lucky for us, it grows. You can always grow it back. Cheer up and know you look great either way!

Julie said...

Okay...that I completely understand. I'm not good with change either. :)

Rose said...

Awesome! You rock, thanks chica!

Les said...

El- I was so excited to see your bugagoo pic too!! And sweet little Seth in it at Halloween how fun! I have been trying to find a used toddler board for a while now- Let me know if you know where I can get one! hope you feel better

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