Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sleep Deprivation, or, My brain turns to mush

My brain is so full of technical mumbo jumbo these days that I think it has begun to kick all the useful information right out. I can tell you off the top of my head the statistical percentage of benefit a child receives from bilateral implants versus unilateral, but ask me when my children's birthdays are or what they want for Christmas? Blank.

I was sitting with my mom one day eating lunch, trying to describe something to her, and I said:

"You know, like one of those things. Those things you put a drink in." She looked at me for a moment, then shook her head.

"Are you talking about a cup?" She was trying not to laugh.

"Yes! A CUP!"

How pathetic is that? I had forgotten the word CUP! Ridiculous.

But don't worry, that is not all I forget. My pregnancy planner ran out at the end of September and since then, I have been "keeping" all of my appointments in my phone. By "keeping" I mean "sticking the appointment card somewhere near my phone, meaning to enter the appointment, and then going somewhere else, taking phone, and leaving said appointment card, therefore losing it immediately."

To be fair, this is not a new development...I have always been a procrastinator. Just ask my best friend from high school, Kara. She and her mom would happily testify to my inability to show up on time in court. I know her mom worries about my kids survival, what with having such a flaky parent. She probably thinks I feed them breakfast for lunch, I run so late.

Anyway, I digress. Point is, organization is an issue for me, and I think I need a planner I can write in, instead of using my phone. I looked at Target, I looked at Borders. I didn't find anything that would work. I know the reason...I am in love with a planner already. Nothing else will do for me.

I am in love with the MomAgenda. Isn't it beautiful? Lots of fun, bright colors. Pretty script. I can personalize it with my name, or a short, witty saying! It's a school year planner, so you don't have to wait until January to start it! Then you open it up, and for each day, you get a section for you, and a dedicated section for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR KIDS (unless you have more than 4 kids. Then you are out of luck.)! I can write down Ava's speech therapy, Seth's ear mold fitting, and his 4 month check up, and Jace's flu shot, all in their own slots, and plan my days accordingly.

Or you know, I could, if I had this planner. But I don't, so I will pine from afar, dreaming of the smooth leather cover, adding it to my christmas list. I will also be supremely annoyed at my own lack of organizational skills as I realize that I have my children all scheduled for the above appointments within two hours, tomorrow. Yeah, this should be fun.


Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

I was directed here from a friend who happened to come across your blog--maybe from MckMammas? I wanted to let you know I, too, lost my son (firstborn) on March 28. Except mine was a year later than yours. I also find it interesting that you have a child who receives speech therapy and a child who is deaf. I am a speech therapy assistant working towards my masters degree. I just thought I would contact you. Feel free to contact me!
God Bless you and your beautiful Family. Eli is perfect.


Shanda said...

I sure hope your husband or mom reads your blog so you get one of these "MomAgenda's" for Christmas!! I have always loved the Franklin Covey planners...but I will check it out...it sounds awesome! Have a blessed day!

Kameron said...

I too hoped that a planner could solve all of my organizational woes. I got one and alas, don't use it. I get on kicks where I manage to use it for a week or 2 but then I fall off again, only to open it about a month later. The secret is you have to use it religiously for 21 days. I took a class and they said that was how long it takes to form a habit! I hope you get one and get organized. I will now brush the dust off of mine and get back into the swing of things!!

Mommy3 said...

ooooooo...those look nice! now you have me drooling over them! LOL. :)

Rose said...

I can completely and totally relate. Completely. I have been late everywhere I have gone for the last 8 weeks, I swear.

E @ Scottsville said...

You'd laugh, but I just looked up the 'bilateral vs unilateral' to see what the heck it was about. I was thinking "Implants"? ha ha ha

Now, I understand!!! Sleep deprivation will do it to ya every time! I blame mine on the fact that I've got the flu - yea that's my excuse.

Julie said...

Good luck with the planner! I was EXTREMELY organized before I had kids...now I'm just a zombie who doesn't remember my maiden name half the time. I think it's definitely sleep deprivation and I heard that "pregnancy brain" never goes away...well at least not for 18 years!

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