Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of "those" days...

I have a sick-ish kiddo at home, and Seth had his usual litany of was the audiologist. Jace is very scratchy and whiny, and when I put him down for a nap today, he said "Wait, wait! I need to give the fishies a hug and a kiss too!"

The kids are huge fans of my new tattoo...they love that they can pick "themselves" out in it, and Ava keeps wanting to touch all the fish.


I found out yesterday when Seth did his early intervention evaluation that he is within normal limits for communication! For a deaf baby, that is a HUGE deal! The longer we can keep him on track, the less time we will have to make up for once he gets his implant. Considering he cannot hear at all, the fact that he has so much expressive language is really, really exciting. He is also at an age appropriate level (his real age of almost five months, not his adjusted age of just over 3 months) in his congnitive, adaptive, and social skills.

The not so good news is that his gross motor skills are significantly delayed, even when his adjusted age is taken into account. So he is going to start physical therapy weekly along with his speech therapy. Truthfully, I am...tired, just thinking about adding something else. We'll do it, but I am tired. We do all kinds of play with him...tummy time, baby pull ups, everything, but he still really struggles (Or actually, doesn't stuggle, at all). During tummy time, he still just chills with his cheek on the mat, taking everything in without trying to lift up his head or push up on his hands at all. His pediatrician said after seeing him that maybe there really is such a thing as a baby who is too content. =)


I am really hungry for Bruschetta. That is all.


Les said...

Awww, sweet Seth. My two are NOT chill babies. Sometimes I wish I had a chiller :) All in his sweet time! Don't worry you are doing great.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

I'm sorry it has been a rough day for you!! It must be tough juggling the appointments for Seth, as well as the other Mommy things you must do. You do an amazing job - I can't believe how much you handle, no one could blame you for being tired (on top of all you do you still manage to post amazing widget wednesdays for us weekly!!)

Huge ((HUGS)) and many prayers for you tonight!!

Julie said...

I'm sorry it's been a tough day. Hang in there! You're doing a fabulous job!

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