Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Time

I have been gone...I know...but I have a good excuse! John was off work last night so he was actually home and we headed out to let the kids pick out a special ornament and decorate trhe tree. Also, I was craving Hooters. The food, not the atmosphere. While we were there, the kids needed to use the bathroom, and I told them to hurry up and go and to try not to look at the girls (disclaimer: I have no issue with hooters girls, per se. I just don't want my daughter emulating them. Or my son, for that matter. :P).

When Ava came back to the car, as I was buckling her into her carseat, she said "I'm sorry, Mama...I looked at those girls in the restaurant even though you told me not to." She had that confession look going on.

"Oh yeah?" I said, trying not to laugh. "What did you think about them?"

"I think they forgot their pants! What happened to them?" She asked seriously. "Oh! Maybe all their pants got wet and they were waiting for them to dry."

Um...yeah, actually. Sounds like a good reason to me! We headed home after that to decorate our tree. It is covered in decorations up to about as high as Ava and Jace can reach, and bare above that. It is seriously messing with my perfectionism to leave it that way, but Ava and Jace both memorized the location of all "their" ornaments, and this is totally not a hill I'll die on.

Today we packed up the kids and headed out to an awesome event hosted by the Deaf Literacy Center at a local children's museum. The kids got to make tons of ornaments, watch a show, and get their faces was good for them today! Most of the people there signed...I think Seth was the only one there who wears hearing aids (that I saw), and I didn't see any implanted kids. BUT it was a madhouse, so I could have missed them, and I know there are at least a few.
I had my first signed coversation with someone who is deaf (we take signing classes from a couple of awesome hearing ladies). It was cool...I understood the majority of it...she asked if Seth was deaf, how old he was, how many kids I have and whether they are hearing, whether I am hearing, and told me I was very thin to have a baby so young. LoL! I was a little flustered when it came to answering and my brain was too fried to actually converse with her instead of just asking her questions, but's a start!
We spent the afternoon at our neighbor's birthday party, then came home and baked sugar cookies, and got a little artistic with them. The kids thought it was super fun to get messy.
Now, the older kids are asleep in bed, I am on my own with Seth, and we are watching Days of Our Lives. Man, Stephanie is looking gorgeous!
I'm going to take some "me" time, but I have some posts in the pipeline. Let's hope I get a chance to get them out of my head.
In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the two kids who actually enjoy the camera.
Hope you're having great Saturdays, everyone! I am planning to lounge around for a while, go to bed, and get up bright and early for church! I am in a connundrum, though...there is this certain cookie that I am sooo hungry for, but I can't replicate it no matter how I try. I thought it was a sugar cookie, but I think I was wrong. It is light colored like a sugar cookie, with sugar on type, but it is so soft, and it is a some kind of drop cookie, I think. I am on a mission. Night!


E @ Scottsville said...

Awww, the photo of Seth sleeping in front of the tree. Darling shot!

The tree looks lovely, too! Hope you got that cookie. {{grin}}

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful family time!! I love Seth's stripey outfit...babies in stripes are the best!!!

Christina said...

Ellen-Just a visitor to your site. I think you rock as a mom? Your tattoo is great! As an outsider looking in, God has really held you in his hand thru this whole journey that you have had! Keep going strong and MAY HE HEAR!!!

Julie said...

Loce the pics! Enjoy your family time!

Les said...

That one of Seth with the huge happy smiley face... Love that one! And enjoyed seeing the other kiddos too :)

Mrs. Granberry said...

I think you are thinking of a snickerdoodle...

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