Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Seth

Dear Seth,

You are seven months old, and the light of all of our lives. Not a day goes by that I don't have to  pinch myself because I can't believe you are really here and really ours! When I was pregnant with you, I never in a million years thought I would get to bring you home.

I am not the only one who is in love with the past few weeks you and your brother Jace have really started to bond. I was driving in the van the other day and Jace was telling a story with silly faces and gestures, and out of nowhere I heard something that I didn't know I'd ever, giggling at your brother's story. You were watching him and he was making you laugh. I almost lost it right there. This is Jace's first experience with a little brother...he never got a chance to meet your big brother Eli, even though he talks about him all the time. 

We can't forget about your big sister Ava, though. She is a great big sister. She has taken it upon herself to be "in charge" of watching you when you sleep. She doesn't really approve of the fact that when you nap I will leave the room and work on house stuff, and I will often find her parked next to your bassinet (which we are still shoving you into), playing her Leapster and keeping an eye on you. 

You are so blessed to have the brothers and sister you have! I think you already know that, though. As soon as they walk through the door, you smile and wave your arms at them wildly. You don't have a whole lot of muscle tone in your arms and shoulders yet, so you have learned the best chance you have a hitting your target is to flail your arms around enthusiastically and indiscriminately. It works, although you also smack yourself in the face regularly. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my cousin would grab hold of my wrist, wave my arm in my face and yell "Stop hitting yourself!" Yes, make note. Older cousins can be mean.

At seven months, you are finally rolling over consistently and you can finally sit in the Bumbo seat! You are learning to work your ab muscles and sit up when pushing off toys. Thank goodness for Physical Therapy! Speaking of therapy, your speech therapist is AMAZING. You love her and you wave your arms in the air (see the pattern), and reach out for her. Speech is one of your favorite parts of the week. The other day you were babbling wildly and when you decided she wasn't paying enough attention to you, you frowned seriously and smacked her in the shoe. 

You still acompany me to work on Saturdays, and all of my families remember you and want to love on you when I am helping them choose and install their carseats. You are a great model and you have single handedly sold many baby carriers and slings, strollers, and carseats. You should have asked for commission!

You are the most joyful baby I've ever been around. There's nothing and no one you won't smile for, and there are several Mama's I know lining their baby girls up to marry you. I'm making you wait to pick a girl, though...I want to keep you all to myself for now! You are a little ray of sunshine.

I love you, little boy. You will never know how much joy and healing you have brought to my heart.  I know I might lose track of that every now and again when the pressure of all your therapies, audiology, GI, cardiology, running your fundraiser, preparing for your surgery, and being a wife, and mother to all three (four) of you get to feel like to much. But at the end of the day, when I fall into bed and listen to you breathing in your bassinet next to me, I know that this is nothing but a season, and in a few years I will miss these precious days. 

Happy seven months, beautiful boy. I love you. 

Love, Mama


E @ Scottsville said...

Awwww, great letter and gorgeous pictures of your little man. He looks so precious!


Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

What a sweet letter to your beautiful little man.

Rose said...

I loved this! What a sweet, sweet boy.

Melissa said...

I feel such a kinship with you and your little Seth. My seven-month-old has his own set of challenges to deal with (visual problems, seizures, and developmental delays). Reading this Seth update reminded me of my own little Asher!

Happy seven months to your darling little guy!

Oh, just curious, when is his birthday? My Asher's is July 9.

Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

El, this letter to Seth is beautiful! I got goosebumps as I read it. :)

Julie said...

What a beautiful post El! I love the pic of Jace & Ava kissing him! He is such an adorable little guy...and SO happy! What a blessing he is!

Tyler has those same dinosaur pjs.

Kameron said...

If he were any cuter he might explode!!!

Anonymous said...

So, I completely teared up when I read about him laughing at Jace. He LOVES his siblings so much, and they adore him too! Nothing stands in the way of that. Ava watching him sleep is precious... she'll be a great mommy (just like you) someday!

I can't believe how big he's getting! I've been keeping an eye on plane ticket prices in May - not too shabby, depending on what day I'm flying!

Also, a woman in Walgreens yesterday asked me about my bracelet. I told her about you and Seth, and she gave me a donation there on the spot! She said she's telling everyone she knows about you.

How long can I make this comment? I think I need to just call you. :)

by: Allison said...


Shanda said...

That was beyond precious!

It is all but a season. (Although sometimes I'm sure it feels like all 4 seasons wrapped into one!) Thanks for reminding all of us to embrace the moments with our children!

ASHLEY said...

All of your children are so beautiful.....Seth looks like pure sweetness!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only assume that when you mention mean older cousins that you are refering to Stacey and I. Well, I want you to know that I deeply regret any harm that we may have imparted to your fragile little being. I can assure you, though, that your children's older cousin (Namely, my beautiful Caedren) will never be mean to them. She adores your kids. And we adore you all!!! Much love, Aubrey

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - he is absolutely beautiful!

And I had to smile at the last picture... I know how tough it is to keep hearing aids in on a little one! (the "little one" was ME! :)

I found you from the BlogFrog ad and felt a connection to your story. I can only imagine what my own mother went through parenting a profoundly deaf child and I am grateful for her choices and love.

Your family is beautiful!

Michelle said...

I had tears reading your letter:)
He is absolutely gorgeous! He has such a happy smile!

Anonymous said...

I've never personally seen your baby and I've fallen in love.. he seems so happy and joyful he is adorable.. and I'm sure he'll keep his naturally happy, joyful nature and go sooo far in life.

Anonymous said...

I've never personally seen your baby and I've fallen in love.. he seems so happy and joyful he is adorable.. and I'm sure he'll keep his naturally happy, joyful nature and go sooo far in life.

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