Monday, February 16, 2009

Organization, or the lack thereof.

I am very organized, efficient, and punctual.


Hang on, I'm just waiting for my bff Kara to stop laughing.


Done, K?


OK, just a minute more.

Alright. I'm not organized, punctual, or efficient.. But I mean to be! I always mean to be on time places, but I'm not. I mean to keep the house organized, but I don't. I buy lots of organizational things, but they never seem to work the same way they do in the store. To be honest, life with me is a huge fly by the seat of your pants ride to who knows where. I like to think my friends look at it as being a part of my quirky charm.

Or, you know, just put up with it because they love me through it.

My husband, John, is also not organized, punctual, or efficient.

Do you see how this could be a bad combination? Every school morning is spent with us yelling across the house at each other "You're supposed to leave with him in ten minutes!" "Yeah, you were supposed to leave with her five minutes ago!" as both of the big kids run around searching for lost socks and hairbrushes and we pack lunches at the last possible second and Seth gets buckled into his carseat in last night's pajamas.

So, knowing this about us, it won't be surprising to you what happened at my house today.

Seth has physical therapy early in the morning on Mondays, and my mom was watching the big kids at home while I took him. It didn't take long to learn that nothing go done in therapy with a 31/2 and 4 1/2 year old there. On my way back from therapy, John called me and told me that the cable guy was coming to the house.

I was confused, as I'm sure you can understand, because we don't actually have cable. We cancelled it a few months ago, and apparently when John called a few weeks back to talk to them about returning the equipment, they offered him a some deal of the century. Sidenote about John: all you have to do is tell him something is a good deal and he'll bend over backwards to buy it. I have no idea how he makes it as a salesman. He put them off and said that he needed to talk to me before he scheduled them to re-install.

He forgot to tell me about that entire conversation until today. The cable company apparently thought when he didn't call back that he wanted them to come out, so he had a voicemail this morning saying that the cable guy would be out today.

As he was telling me all of this, I was picturing my trashed out house. I looked up and saw a cable van in front of me. There's no way, right? But they turned on my street. I sped around them, pulled into the driveway, jumped out, and waved at the cable guy while still talking to John on the phone. "Hi! Hi! My husband didn't tell me you were coming at all, and I just found out and I don't even know what you're installing!"

He was very friendly, sooo friendly, and even though I wanted to say "No, we don't need cable, we're doing fine!" I have been getting tired of having to sit very still in one spot to get the internet, and I am completely incapable of saying no to people, pretty much, especially when they're standing right in front of me. So instead of saying no, I just held up one finger, said "Just give me one minute!" before I sprinted into the house. Before I could make it inside, Jace came racing out the front door, wearing a Thomas the Tank Engine pajama top and....of course...nothing on the bottom.He was leaping and jumping around like crazy, and so was everything else, if you know what I mean.  At all. The cable guy almost fell out of his truck laughing. I almost died of embarrassment and chased Jace inside.

I flew into my bedroom, shoving things under the bed and into the closet (our desktop computer is in the bedroom, and our bedroom is the room I always shove all the extra stuff I can't find a place for). It will be really hard to do our taxes, because I distinctly remember shoving our w-2s into some stack and shoving that stack into the closet, which is kind of like no-man's land. Before I knew it, the cable guy was standing there next to me and I was ready to melt into the floor. He must be used to trashed rooms though, because his reaction to the mess was much less than his reaction to Jace's lack of pants.

Before I knew it, it was all over and we had cable again. The kids were beyond excited, and immediately asked to watch Noggin, even though they never once whined about not having tv while it was gone. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I'm ok with it for now...A new Dancing with the Stars is about to start, and I do often fantasize about being on it, even though I am neither a dancer nor a star. But I don't think I would have reordered it if the cable guy had not shown up today. John totally owes me for blindsiding me with this!

I think we need someone to come hypnotize us and tweak our organizational skills. Do people do that? I definitely need that.


Anonymous said...

I am totally laughing at the thought of your little one jumping up and down. I'm sure you made the cable guys day. Little kids are so fun! You sure sound like you have a great family.

E @ Scottsville said...

Man, your house sounds like MINE!!! The downstairs can be straightened up to look decent if I have 10 minutes notice, but the upstairs? YIKES! That earthquake that shook the house was a size 10.8 on the Richter scale and it's not my fault that it only affected the bedrooms.

I'm not a neat freak. So sue me!

Glad to know I'm not alone. Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I actually did laugh out loud at that first sentence! Though not as much as my mom probably would have! There are more important things in the world than being organized - like being YOU. Besides, we would probably have never been friends if I hadn't had to be your manager all those years!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

While I can't hypnotize you I do offer free tips on such things at And thanks for the laugh on a Tuesday! Can always use one of those!

Shanda said...

It always seems like people "drop in" on the worst possible days doesn't it?! The thing I LOVE about disorganized people is that they always know how to have a good time & they help all of us (mostly) organized people loosen up and have a good time too!!

Jessica said...

My husband and I are also not so organized, so I can totally relate.

Great story, btw;-)

Erica said...

I could have written the top half of your post word for word practically, my husband included. I want to be organized, I try to be on time, but gosh if it never works out! You should hear our house in the mornings.....I am still working on it though! Enjoy the Noggin and Dancing with the Stars! I could do without the cable, but I love our DVR!

Anonymous said...

Having two disorganized people or two totally organized people is much better than one of me. My husband is not so much disorganized as a pack rat. That man never throws anything away -- ever! He comes by it naturally, though. He is almost 43 and his mother still has his baby teeth. :P
(insert only-child joke here)

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