Saturday, February 28, 2009

Running Behind

First off, thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments about the video. I am very happy with how it turned out, and so thankful it is over and I don't have to do it again! To those of you who have asked if you could post the video on your own blog/facebook/myspace/fill in the blank, the anwer is YES! Please do, we want to get Seth's story out to as many people as possible!

And just so it's clear, I do recognize that my children's calling may just be "Used Car Salesman." Honestly, I didn't have anything to do with that part of the video, but aren't they cute? Ava regularly talks ME into buying bracelets from her.

One of our old youth group kids (I call him old because he's in college now =P) has started a Facebook group for Seth. You can find it by searching for "Let Seth Hear" in the search bar. Come join it! Thanks, Valera!


I didn't post yesterday because our ENTIRE day was taken up with doctors. We had an appointment in downtown Tampa, which is pretty near an hour away from us.We left a little after 10 am for an 11:30 appointment. John and I were on our way there when they called and told us the doctor was running two hours behind, and if we wanted to reschedule, we'd have to wait two weeks. So we ended up waiting it out. I stopped at the post office, shipped some bracelets, wandered around a used bookstore for a while, then we headed in.

The appointment went fine, but they said that Seth needed an MRI, and we could go right over to the MRI place that afternoon. It was 3 pm by this point, and my mom had been watching the kids all day. John had already taken off his "real" job and was due to show up at his second job at 4:30, which, conveniently, was when we were scheduled at another facility for the MRI.

He managed to get the go ahead to go into work late after a LOT of finagling, and we headed across town to the MRI facility. When we got there, Seth was STARVING, as they'd told us not to feed him so that he could be sedated. The nurse came out and told us that they don't normally sedate babies in the afternoon.

John and I stared at her. I think we were both starting to fall apart after being driving/waiting/doctoring for 6 hours. She said she needed to check with the on call doc to see if he was ok with sedating.

We waited 20 minutes.

He wasn't ok with it.

So her suggestion, since we were already there, was to go ahead with the MRI without sedation. I was skeptical, and she was, too. They have to lay completely still, and it's hard for some adults even to do.

I went ahead and nursed him, then swaddled him INSANELY tightly, and we headed into the MRI room. He got outfitted in earplus (Haha!), a velcro doohickey tying him down tothe table, and a bunch of foam things to keep his head straight. It would have freaked me out, but he seemed cool with it.

They slid him back into the chute, and started the MRI. I was able to stay with him and kind of love on his legs to try to keep him still and calm. It was SO loud! I had earplugs in and it still hurt my ears. There was a little mirror set up so I could see Seth's face, and as the magnets circled around and clanged like crazy, the point at which a lot of babies would freak, he....

Burst out lauging.

He cracked up through about two cycles of the machine, then he promptly fell asleep and allowed them to get perfect images. The tech was amazed, and told us to head out to the waiting room and he'd bring the cd of images out. John and I were beyond amazed by Seth and thrilled that he hadn't needed to be sedated...he does so badly waking up that I was thrilled to have avoided it. I breathed a big sigh of relief.

The tech came out and sat down, right next to me. Why was he sitting down? John was late for work and we needed to go!

There was no cd in his hand. He started talking, and his first word was "Unfortunately,"

That's never good. It turned out that while burning the cd, he'd accidentally deleted all the good images instead of copying them to the cd. Our choice was this: Come back on Tuesday (and find someone to pick kids up from school), sedate him, and do it all over) or try to repeat it.

We opted to repeat it then as we were already there, and once again, Seth came through. We sprinted out of their, our cd of images in hand. We sped home, stopping only to get McDonalds for the kids to make up for being gone all day.

What time did we get home?

7:40 PM. Insane. One appointment, one MRI, almost 10 hours. By the end of it all, we were so exhausted and frustrated we were both ready to sleep for days...except that John still had to go to work. I was lazy enough for both of us, though, and after putting the kids to bed, I did not get off the couch again.


Ace said...

Seth sounds like a great little guy!

Julie said...

Oh NO! Why is it always such a pain to see doctors?!?! What a blessing that Seth didn't have to be sedated. What a good boy!!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Oh my! What a day! So glad he did well. And how wonderful that your mom was able to stay with the other kiddos. Hope you guys are hanging out low-key today.

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

What a rough day!!! I'm glad Seth did so well though and that you were able to get the cd with everything you need on it.

Hope you can enjoy a relaxing weekend together!

Rose said...

I'm starting to think that we might live in the same town!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I got tired just reading it! LOL! But I'm glad that you got it all done and there won't be any need for a second day of that. Hope your mom was okay with the kids and yay for mcdonalds! LOL!

Oh and I think I said something about the used cars thing and I'm sorry if I offended you I just thought that they were so cute. And you are right, your children are ADORABLE AND CUTE!! I wouldn't be able to resist!

Madison Sanders said...

I've had a few MRI's myself. It is hard to be THAT still.

Yes, it's extremly loud. At the places I go, they give they give the parents earphones too. They gave me headphones. I could listen to the radio, so that helped a little. One time I had ONE appointment that lasted 8 hours. By the time we left, we were the only ones there besides the receptionist, and she was on the way out the door. Now that's ridiculous!

Glad you got to go home and rest!

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