Friday, May 22, 2009


Man, is Chattanooga a fun word to say, or what? We just got settled into our very nice and fancy hotel that cost us exactly $43 dollars. (Thanks, Priceline!)

It has been....both a a very long and very short day. We are at exactly the halfway point, and usually we make the drive straight through, but we thought we would take a more leisurely pace this time and stay overnight before we head for our final destination, my hometown of Fort Wayne, IN.

We took our leave this morning from a relatively sad husband and father. I know he will miss us, but I think he is excited to get some uninterrupted sleep time. Then we left, and realized we'd forgotten to bring our toothbrushes, so we had to backtrack. Then, we finally picked up my mom and we were on our way!

The morning passed quickly and we lunched at the Cracker Barrel, where the kids made a huge mess and Seth ate all of his food and then resorted to trying to eat containers of butter. We got sucked into the Old Country Store and found ourselves an hour and a half behind schedule. The idea was to take our time, but apparently when we tried to put that plan into action, it stressed both my mom and I out. But mostly my mom. She spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make up lost minutes on the GPS. We were doing great until.we hit Atlanta. Atlanta sucked up all of our gained minutes. Atlanta is mean like that.

While in Atlanta gridlock, all the children decided that it was time to freak out and scream. Jace asked to go home. Ava tried to eat an entire box of granola box. Seth, who had been a great traveler all day, decided he was done and started wailing loudly. I thought it was the end of us.

But we made it, somehow, to Chattanooga, and the insanely fluffy bed I am writing this post from is doing wonders for my attitude. Seth is laying next to me and patting my leg, saying "BaBa! BabaBA, Mama!" very emphatically. The kids are playing hide and seek, which is interesting since our hotel is basically a box. A very nice box, but a box, nonetheless. Not a lot of places to hide. We're awaiting our pizza, from Domino's. Did you know that you can watch your pizza being prepared in real time? Trevor prepped my order at 8:42, and Andrew just left the store with my order at 8:53. I think that is kind of awesome.

All in all, a good day for a road trip. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, and that my mom can sleep tonight with the two wiggly preschoolers who are insisting on sleeping in her bed with her.


Sew a Fine Seam said...

O My! You are sooo close to me! I live just in ohio about 2 hours from Ft. Wayne! I'd love to see you and Seth if it were possible!!
Have a wonderful time,

Holly said...

I actually live 20 minutes from Chattanooga, enjoy your stay!

Windy said...

That Ole Country Store gets ya every time, doesn't it?? Have fun girl!

Shanda said...

We love road trips! Cracker Barrell always ends up being a staple!

4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...I am so behind, and I wish I knew that you were coming through the ATL! I would have ordered up a no-traffic day!!

And...if you have time on the way back down, stop at the children's museum in Chattanooga. (Creative Discovery Museum) We head up there a couple times every's great for all ages!!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Chattanooga is a very interesting word isn't it? Good luck on your travels and on your moms sleeping ;)

Sonya said...

Man and I thought my four hour ride with my one kid was an experience!! I am glad that you made it halfway. Good luck on the way back!!!

Unknown said...

Ahh Chattanooga is my hometown and I was just there last week! I could have met your miracle baby :) Maybe next time. Have a great time!

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