Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friends wherever he goes...

What a blessing it is to have friends wherever we go! When we were in California visiting Advanced Bionics, Seth and I were really pleased to finally get to meet our friends Analiza and Matthew in person. Analiza and I have been writing back and forth for quite a while now, as she has a little boy with some special issues of his own. Matthew is an adorable little 18 month old with Microtia. His hearing on the left side (The side with microtia) is compromised, and he has an awesome bone conducted hearing aid that he wears. It's so exciting to see the things that technology is coming up all these ways for our little ones to compensate for problems that there wouldn't have been options for not so long ago.

As you can see, Matthew and Seth had fun together causing havoc at Denny's, and Analiza and I got to talk a lot about our kids and life in general. It was great to be able to fly across the country and meet people we already felt like we knew!


Susannah said...

i agree! so fun to feel like you already know people you've met through blogs! i've met two other moms now with deaf kiddos via our blogs and it is such a gift!

Emily said...

that is fun! And what two little cuties...especially that hugging picture! Precious!

Rose said...

Cute pictures!

dear oprah said...


It was so so so great to see you when you were out here!

I've been itching to see these photos (i won't lie!).

Like I said, if ever you're in So. Cal. PLEASE PLEASE contact me, I would love to see you and your family again!

Thanks for carving out time in your busy schedule to see Matthew and I!

Anonymous said...

Seth is seriously the cutest baby ever!

I have a question. (if you've done this before then sorry!) Would you be interested in posting some close-up photos of Seth's devices with some explanations of them & how they work?

Michele said...

Wow...can they get any cuter?!!!!
Love the pictures!!

My little guy has moderate bilateral loss and wont for the life of him, keep his aids in! He also has sensory issues so I am sure THAT has to have something to do with it. But, in order for him to start talking, he has to start its like a domino effect...and we just cant get it together.
Does Seth ever try to pull on his implants (i hope that is what you call them)?
Thanks for sharing!

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