Sunday, July 5, 2009


How was everyone's 4th of July? The kids and I just hung out at home and skipped the fireworks this year. Last year, it was insanely packed and it took us over an hour to make the ten minute drive home, so this year we had a tea party for dinner and went to bed early. Well, the kids did, anyway...I stayed up and watched Degrassi: The Next Generation. I mean....well, yeah, that's what I did. Embarassing, I know! I did also watch The Next Food Network Star, though, because I love watching them make the cakes.

I forgot to mention that I finally moved Seth into his crib! Embarassingly enough, he has spent almost the whole first year of his life crammed into his bassinet next to my bed. It got to the point he couldn't sleep anywhere else because he could never fall asleep unless his head was wedged up against something. After all of our traveling I decided to bite the bullet and move him into his own room, which up until now has been basically a really cute dressing room for him.

But, now he's in it, sleeping well, and I'm loving it! Seth and I have definitely been attached at the hip for this past year, and while I love that, I love getting a break from him at night. It makes me miss him a ton, so that when he wakes up yelling at 5 or 6 I'm so excited to see him that I don't mind how early it is. Plus, that way I can usually catch another cat nap while he nurses. Bonus!

I've finally stumbled upon a great solution to all Seth's appointments, at least for the summer. There are a few different specialists he needs to see on a monthly basis, so I started scheduling them all for the same week, so we have one crazy week a month, and then 3/4 quiet ones. It's working out really well! This way, we have nothing but his therapies (three days a week right now), and for the rest of the week, we can just chill at home or do fun stuff, which is really helpful for the older kids not getting jealous of Seth having so much going on and for Seth's nap schedule, which, until I started this, was nonexistant. I'm really looking forward to being able to be "normal" for the next few weeks until the week of the 20th, when we have one or two appointments every day. But even that's ok, because I know if we can survive that week, we'll have three quiet weeks again! It's like it's own reward system.

Of course, when the school year starts, it will all spiral out of control again, but there's even a bright side there...the kids don't go back to school until September 8th, so I've still got two full months of vacation left! I love summer vacation. Although my kids are probably going to disown me if I don't stop singing "What Time is It? Summertime!" from High School Musical 2 to the them every day. I'm already embarassing them and Ava's not even 5 yet. Oops.


Elyse said...

What a cool mom...Degrassi and HSM! YAHOO for Seth sleeping in his big boy crib. At least you get a little break at night :)

Joy said...

Ha.. Robbie was smooshed in the bassinet for his first year as well. He made the transition quite well, but I was traumatized. Thank God for a video monitor or I'd go crazy.

I like your scheduling thing. our problem is that many of Robbie's appointments are therapists that come every week, so I can't schedule them all at once.

Unknown said...

If I could have Matthew sleep soundly with me every night I would, but the truth of the matter is that he squirms and moves around everywhere, which is why I haven't slept much in the last two weeks since he's learned to climb out of his crib, LOL!

Hey I consider you really cool if you know any songs from High School Musical... I'm still belting out tunes from the 90's in which my 8 year old proclaims is "so not cool Mommy!" I remind him often that there was once a time, back in the ages when Mommy was the coolest eva! LOL!

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