Friday, August 28, 2009

Target: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

So, Ava and I hit up Target this morning because her birthday money was burning a hole in her pocket. She had a Target Gift Card and $30 in cash. I explained that she could go anywhere with the money.

(Sidenote: Ava and Jace are sitting on the couch right now and Ava just said "Jace, when you hit me, you got sin on your heart." Jace looked shocked and said "I did?! What does it look like?" Ava immediately responded with "It's like black tiny crumbs." Now he's freaking out. He hates crumbs.)

Of course, she decided to spend of her money at Target. While I should have been a fun mom and let her buy whatever she wanted, I said no to roughly 72 things, among them Barbies, a huge plastic horse, Polly Pockets, tiaras and wands (she already has some), anything resembling something she has at home, anything with small pieces, games with pieces we could lose, and sundry other things.

So, in the end, after over an hour of combing the toy aisles, this is what she came home with.

  • 1 Webkinz cat she named Boa (even though she has no interest in the online game)
  • 1 pink metallic soccer ball (she was uninterested in the classic black and white option)
  • 4 orange cones to practice soccer (I don't know what we'll do with them...I don't know how to play or practice soccer or what the cones would be useful for)
  • 1 set of Knee, Elbow & wrist pads so that she can ride her new Razr scooter. (We call her Grace for a reason. She's incredibly clumsy)
  • 1 Backyardigans DVD (even though she has no interest in watching the free ones on TV)
  • 1 Transformer for her brother
  • 1 set of stacking/nesting cups for her baby brother
Pretty good haul for the money she had. She actually went slightly over her total but since she was adamant about getting her brothers something, I went ahead and made up the difference.

We came home, she "practiced" soccer in the living room while wearing her knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, even though I told her she didn't need them for soccer, watched her Backyardigans video twice (and found she'd already seen most of them, of course), and presented her brothers with their gifts. Somehow, some of Seth's nesting cups are already missing. Our house is like a black hole. It's not messy or big, but stuff gets lost here for days. Jace (read: me) had transformed his Transformer about 17 times and did you know you need a degree to figure them out? Also, the directions suck.

So, a pretty successful shopping trip! And an awesome praise...when we checked the mail today we found out that Ava has received a full scholarship to her school! This is so awesome...Ava loves her school more than anything but I just wasn't seeing how to keep her there in our current situation. I kept putting off making a choice, and when the public school kids went back last Tuesday, I thought I'd made a mistake in not just enrolling her. I spent the entire curriculum meeting with her Kindergarten teacher depressed because I just didn't see how to pay for her school, but still couldn't quite bring myself to pull her. Even though I was worried, I felt a lot of peace waiting it out, although I thought I might be crazy. What a God thing! I am so happy I don't have to move her to a new school.
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