Wednesday, September 16, 2009

22 weeks!


22 weeks yesterday. Or, as I have alternately titled this photo...POPPED! I knew it was coming...All week I've been feeling really thick waisted and strange and then, all of a sudden, there she came...evidence of a baby!

This baby is stubborn. Let the record show that right now, so that in a year when I am relating some story about how stubborn she is you can all say "Look! You said that last year!!"

I had a level II ultrasound with my Perinatologist this week to check for any abnormalities or issues with the baby. Jace has something called a Chiari Malformation (basically the opening leading from his skull to his vertebrae is smaller than it should be, and can cut off the proper flow of spinal fluid to and from the brain), so we're always looking for that, and with my history, we generally like to cover all the bases.

Well, she would not cooperate. She was breech and facing straight down and sitting indian style (sorry, let's be politically correct...criss cross applesauce). So the tech couldn't confirm her gender, although my own OB has done that, so I'm not too worried...much. I mean, Ava would be completely devastated, but you know...whatever. The tech also couldn't get any good face shots, which really bummed me out. I get an ultrasound every. single. week, and I have yet to get one good picture of her. By the time Eli and Seth were 22 weeks gestational age, I had entire photo albums of their ultrasound pictures.

This baby? Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Not one good picture. I can't believe it! Everything checked out okay, although the perinatologist is thinking of a few different approaches to the pregnancy that I'm not super thrilled about...I should know more about his game plan in a couple of weeks. I'm trying not to stress over it right now. They were also unable to get a look at some things due to her position. But her heartrate is running in the 150's and she is over a pound now. I just wish we could get a good look at her!

Heartburn has also started to rear it's ugly head and I am not thrilled about it, and my blood sugar keeps creeping on up no matter what I eat, but it could be worse. By this time with Seth I was already on insulin, so every week I avoid giving myself shots is a bonus! Overall, I have very little to complain about for being 22 weeks pregnant. Just have to keep on trucking along!

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