Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Restrospective

Does everyone celebrate Halloween? We do, in the sense that we let the kids dress up and walk down Main Street collecting candy. At Ava's school they don't celebrate secular holidays, so they don't do anything there. Jace's school does a fun carnival thing but they don't talk about Halloween at all or dress up. My kids know nothing about any of the scary parts of halloween, and when a Grim Reaper on stilts walked by them last year, they flipped out.

One very hot topic in our household lately has been Halloween costumes, and tonight the kids wanted to review what they've been for Halloween every other year, so I figured it would be a fun walk down memory lane.

Ava's 1st Halloween - 2004- 2 months old
She was Tigger. And very serious about it.


Halloween 2005 - Jace was one month old, Ava was 14 months (the same age Seth is now!). We reused the Tigger costume and the pose for Jace's first Halloween. Ava got two costumes...at one event she was a fairy, and at the other she and her best friend Zac made very cute dinosaurs, don't you think?



Halloween 2006
Ava and Jace make a very cool Pebbles and Bam Bam, complete with the club. They kept the club for over a year until I had to get rid of it...they beat each other with it. Jace was13 months old and Ava had just turned 2.



Halloween 2007 - Ava and Jace had just turned 2 and 3. Ava was Cinderella and Jace was a Pirate. An adorable one.



Halloween 2008- At the ages of 3 and 4, this was the first year that they really had any interest in choosing their costume. Ava was Cinderella (again!) and Jace was a Super Knight on a Horse with a Sword. Yes, we did have to say that entire title whenever anyone asked. It was Seth's first Halloween, and he was three months old. The plan was to have him be Tigger just like his brother and sister had been, but at the last minute we couldn't find the costume and he went as a skeleton instead.



The best pic of the 3 of them I could get...

I have to say I think my favorites were either the Pebbles and Bam Bam year or the year they were Cinderella and  a Pirate. I loved those costumes! This year, Ava wants to be a clown (I'm pushing for Belle instead) and Jace wants to be...surprise...a Knight. Again. Apparently when they find a costume they like they stick with it for a couple of years. I have absolutely no clue what Seth should be. I need ideas!

What are your kids going to be for Halloween, or if you dress up, what are you going to be? Do you let them choose or do you "guide" their choices towards what you think looks cute (I do!!). What were your favorite costumes for your kids?

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