Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh my aching legs

Have I mentioned how walking around Sea World two days ago has made it almost impossible for me to walk now? Man, I am out of shape. How I miss my gym membership. The Gym! The place I could drop the kids off, watch tv and sweat it out to some oldies. Ahhh. Memories.

Literally every time I stand up I wonder if my leg will move forward when I will it to, or if I will need to bend over and physically move each foot with my hands. Either way, it's not pretty. Not at all.

I walked out of the doctor's office today and saw my van parked three spaces away and I groaned, not sure if I could go the distance. I. am. sore. Try explaining to your almost four year old son that you do want to take him on his special day, you just have to wait until your muscles start to work again. That starts 20 questions. "But what are muscles?" "Why can't they work?" "If you loved me your muscles would work; are you saying you don't love me? But I love you and why can't you just love me and take me to Sea Wooooooorld???"

Speaking of the current man of the house, in the words of his teacher he had an absolutely awesome first week at school. The sigh of relief that whooshed out of my body when she said tha probably could have powered some small town for a day. Jace is a character, and while I think he is funny and quirky and sensitive, to a preschool teacher that often translates into insufferable rigid child. There was a day last year when Jace got sent home from school because his socks were crooked, his potato chip broke, and his towel was wrinkled. Apparently for Jace that was the trifecta of bad things that could happen, and he just could not calm down. We literally had to go pick him up because he was just done. for. the day.


So you can probably see why I was nervous for this year. I mean, it's Pre-K. Isn't that roughly equivalent to, say, 5th grade ten years ago? Seriously, these kids are doing crazy stuff by the time they head to kindergarten. When I was in kindergarten I hammered nails into stumps and learned my letters. Kids these days are like, solving math equations. Crazy. But in any case, Jace held his own. On his first day, he spent most of the morning on the phone.




According to him, it was both me on the phone and me that the phone call was for. Freaky. Can you imagine getting a phone call from yourself? On second thought, that would be kind of cool. Future self, call me! We have lots to talk about.

I'm just so proud of my big boy. We're not allowed to call him a baby anymore, you know. He's big. BIG, I tell you! Of course, school is always more fun when you have your best friend with you.


Sara and Jace have known each other since before they were born...her mom and I were pregnant together and these two have been loving on each other since they were newborns. It's so much fun to see them get bigger and have conversations we can actually follow. Aren't they cute? Jace says they'll wait til their five to get married. I told him that's fine, but when he gets married, he's got to move out. Sara's parents will be thrilled, I'm sure!
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