Monday, September 14, 2009

With a Capital "T"

The other day I followed Seth around the house for about five minutes, trying to get some good pictures of him. He got into everything. In five minutes he got into the kids crayons, got out his own workbook, hit up the train table, tried to get food out of the refrigerator on his own, and then tried to break through the baby gate. 

These are the pictures that were in focus...he was going going gone and a lot of them didn't turn out. He has apparently been saving up all his energy his entire life for right now and it is literally impossible to keep him in one place. 

Next week he will be casted to make him splints for his legs, which will hopefully help him with stability as he learns to cruise and eventually walk. Seth has hypotonia (basically it's low muscle tone), so his muscles don't always cooperate with him, and it takes a lot more work for him to get them in fighting shape. The splints will support him artificially until the muscles in his legs get up to snuff. 


In the meantime, he is focusing on wreaking as much havoc from his hands and knees as possible. Surprisingly, there is quite a lot you can do to get in trouble below knee level.


He has the funniest version of coloring going on...he gets a piece of paper and a crayon, then very carefully holds the crayon on the paper without moving it at all, then acts extremely surprised when there is no mark on the paper when he lifts the crayon.

He is also becoming very bossy. He points at a person or item and barks some command no one can understand, then repeats if you don't immediately hop to it. It's becoming an issue in therapy...he would rather point than vocalize a word. I mean, who wouldn't?

The temper tantrums have also begun, although with Seth it is usually a keening moan like he is just heartbroken that things aren't going his way. It's incredibly sad and also kind of funny. Better get used to it, buddy. 


So yeah. He's still fact that's what he calls himself half the time. "Ubble." It's adorable. And hilarious.
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