Sunday, September 6, 2009

One for lunch, please!

OK, so this year, both of my school age kids pack lunches every day, five days a week.

Oh, if only that were true!!

I of course meant that I pack lunches for my children five days a week.

Jace just packs a lunch and drink, Ava packs a morning snack and drink, and a lunch and drink. Both have insulated lunchboxes.

I was so burnt out on peanut butter and jelly by the end of last year!!! For some reason, when it comes to packed lunches, I have zero creativity. This is our go to lunch list:

Peanut Butter and something (jelly, honey) sandwich

Applesauce or Mandarin Oranges and/or raisins or other fruit

sometimes carrots or broccoli with ranch

string cheese or yogurt

Fig Bars or other semi healthy dessert snack.

Then for Ava's morning snack, I pack a granola bar or raisins or some peanut butter crackers and a juice. She takes water with her lunch and Jace takes milk.

You guys all had such great ideas when we talked about grocery tips...let's talk about lunch! When we're making lunch at home, I am able to think out of the box and do some fun things, but when I'm packing a lunch box it's like my brain just disappears completely. It gets old packing the kids the same thing every day, and last year they only packed two days a week!

I need help. Packable lunch ideas, please! Also, ideas for Ava's morning snack would be great.

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