Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is how strange my daughter is.

At school, they use a traffic light system for behavior. They have a big traffic light set up in the room, and all the kids start off the day on green. If they are not obedient or have some other behavior issue in class, they are moved to yellow and a note is sent home in their folder explaining whatever they did. If they misbehave again in the same day, they are moved to red.

I live in fear of Ava getting moved to red. She's only even been on yellow once, and it traumatized me. She was not as bothered by it as I was.

The other day, Ava came home from school with her own personal traffic light that she made in school...they made them to review the rules and familiarize the kids with the system again. I made a joke about how now she would have to be obedient at home too, since I could move her to red if she was bad, and forgot all about the craft.

She's been very busy this afternoon and finally she told me why...she hunted down tape and taped her traffic light to the wall of our living room, and then found two bobby pins (one for her and one for Jace) to act as place markers. When she showed me, I asked her why one clip was set at green and one was on yellow.

Her response?

She moved her clip to yellow.

She moved her own clip. She said she had not listened to something I told her to do and she took it upon her self to move it. Apparently she is going to be her own judge and jury now, and dole out her own punishments.

This might not be all bad.

Although if she's willing to move her own clip, I bet Jace is going to be on red before we know it. She'll jump right on that.
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