Friday, October 30, 2009

28 weeks Belly Shot


Hey, look! I finally got around to taking a picture for this week! Also, note the lovely artwork on the mirror. Isn't it impressive? I'm sure you can imagine how surprised and pleased I was to see it there this morning. That was fun. Then, it got even better. I found the same style of artwork on the window of the kids bedroom and on their ceiling. I tried halfheartedly to clean it all up, but it seemed to require too much elbow grease and so I just took the picture. I would think it was very cool if it was, you know, on a piece of paper instead of my bathroom mirror. But hey, at least it matched my shirt today!

Anyone have any tips on how to get crayon off mirrors? And walls? And while we're at it, what about sharpy marker? I found a spot the other day that won't come clean. I guess I might have to paint. Will magic eraser get the crayon off? Ugh.

Thanks for all of your sweet comments yesterday and today. Believe it or not, I do still praise God through my trials, but in my experience, it still helps to vent and blow off steam sometimes.
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