Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cold Snap

It's cold here! I love it! Oh my goodness, when we woke up this morning it wasn't even 60 degrees. Ava had to wear a hoodie under her soccer jersey, and we were all outfitted in long pants and sweatshirts for her early morning game.

I sat on the sidelines and drank hot chocolate and shivered. The kids were faster than usual because we told them they'd get warm if they ran more. It was so cool. I don't like winter, but I do like fall, and when we get short bursts of weather like this, I get really excited. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, with the crunchy leaves and the crisp night air and a reason to cuddle with a it. One of my favorite dates in high school was with a boy who took me to a haunted house (I'm a big wuss...I screamed through the entire thing and never opened my eyes) and then made me think we were sneaking onto someone else's property late at night to pick apples, where we laid on our backs in the leaves staring up at the stars and singing Dave Matthews songs, slightly scared that whoever owned the property would catch us.

Luckily, it turned out to be his grandparent's house, so we were in the clear. He didn't tell me that until after we "escaped" safely, though.

My friends and I used to sit on a walking bridge that spanned a busy road in our town under blankets and talk pretty much all night long, our noses and ears freezing, playing truth or dare, scaring ourselves half to death and acting like big dorks. When the weather gets cold, these are the things I think about. I grew up in a place where you were lucky if it was warm enough by the time Halloween rolled around for anyone to even see your costume under your winter coat, and I love getting to wear a cute sweater. So I love these brief cold snaps here, even though all the sweaters I own are woefully outdated and totally uncool.

Of course, as much as I love fall, I hate winter with a passion, so I guess it all evens out in the end. So I'll enjoy these hints of fall and be glad that there's almost no chance I'll have to deal with any kind of snow besides the kind they blow up into the air around Christmas time at Disney and Sea World. I'm pretty much ok with my kids thinking that's the real thing.

What's your favorite thing about fall?

Oh yeah...the contest for the gift certificate to Nelle and Lizzy is still open! Make sure to leave a comment on the Remembering Eli post to be entered!
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