Sunday, November 22, 2009

All over the place

Everything went pretty well today....a little more effacement and more contractions, but I'm at home tonight with the worst heartburn ever. Not fun!

Thanks for all the sweet words and thoughts today. I appreciate it! I'm looking into the PO Box thing...I'll get back to you all. Feel free to email me in the meantime. 

OK, so I've never paid that close attention to my followers, but I noticed the other day that I was at 299, which I thought was pretty cool since I thought I was going to break 300 soon. Then I've lost a follower every day since and I think I'm starting to take it personally! I think that's when I know I'm overtired and overextended...when losing followers on my blog makes me feel bad. lol. They were probably people that followed for the recent giveaway and then unfollowed. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. 

Speaking of giveaways, my friend Mandy is having one. I think you still have a while to enter to win up to $50 from a bunch of cool stores. Check it out!

I think maybe each paragraph in this post is going to have a different subject. I'm feeling a little scattered, if you can't tell. Ava and Jace are doing there best to stay awake all night and they are driving me up the wall...literally. The couch I'm sitting on leans up against the wall of their bedroom where there bunk beds sit, so they are only about 12" from me and I can hear every bit of how they are not even trying to go to sleep. I keep telling myself I have to pick my battles, but I might be picking this one in a minute. 

So I think I figured out why Seth's been waking up so much at night...he just had his four 1 year old molars come in, so I thought he was done for a while, but I saw tonight that he has both top incisors coming in. Doesn't look very fun. No wonder he hasn't been feeling very great! Poor baby. 

So. Heartburn. I need you all to spam me with ways to make it better. I have TUMS, and they are doing a whole lot of nothing. It's so bad that it literally makes me throw up. I have literally never had such bad heartburn, ever. It feels like burning hot lava and I want to die. 

There. Was that dramatic enough for you guys to feel sorry for me and give me ideas? Hope so. =)

OK, now the kids are out of bed completely. Have to go deal with them. Have a good night!

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