Monday, November 30, 2009


I am completely ecstatic and honored to announce to you all that "Bindi" is HERE and CRYING!!

Welcome to the world...

Evany Jane McCall
4 lb 9 oz 
17 inches long

Ellyn's mom and friend are there with her now, and Ellyn is hurting and kind of out of it but okay. Evany is in the NICU now and scored an 8 and 8 on her Apgar test, which is incredibly great news!! (A baby who scores a 7 or above on the test at 1 minute after birth is generally considered in good health.)

Baby Evany still has a fight ahead of her in the NICU and Ellyn still needs prayers both for her own recovery and the days ahead with her sweet baby girl, but tonight we will rejoice in the fact that she is here and crying!!!
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