Friday, November 27, 2009

Suprise! Immature Lungs! (That was Sarcasm)

So the amnio came back and the baby has immature lungs. Of course, it was a total long shot that they would have been mature...I am only 32 weeks and I have gestational diabetes.

So, we won't be inducing today like we would have if her lungs were mature. That being said, my doctor does not necessarily think the baby won't come today or tomorrow. We're just hoping that the stress of the baby being in there without any fluid might help her lungs out a bit before she makes her grand entrance.

It's basically just a game weighing all the pros and cons of her being out or in, and the plan has already changed about 15 times in the past 12 hours, so I can't even hazard a guess anymore. Right now I am not in active labor, and she is reactive and doing well, so we're in a holding pattern. The second the doctor sees an issue with me or with her, the baby comes out, right away.

I'm feeling much better about it all now that they've finally allowed me to eat a meal, and while it's hard not knowing from second to second what's going on, it's very reassuring being able to hear her heartbeat all the time. That said, though, I'm worried about what's going to happen, too.

She's going to have a tough time once things move forward...there's some question over whether she will tolerate labor well due to her size and gestational age, and the words emergency c-section were thrown around a lot today. Luckily, that has passed for now, and I'm just in prayer about the NICU stay ahead of her. This will be my third experience in the NICU, and all the memories of all the breakdowns I had watching my babies suffer because I couldn't manage to keep them on the inside are really close to the surface right now. I am so blessed by our hospital's NICU, and Seth would not be here today without them, but I hate that she is going to have to go through lots of the same things her brothers did. Apparently she didn't get the memo about how the girls in our family are supposed to stay put until at least 37 weeks.

Anyway, it's all a lot of hurry up and wait right now. I covet all of your prayers for our little girl.
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