Monday, November 30, 2009


So, guess what? My mom got into work today, told her boss about what's been going on, and he said "So this is the first day you've had help since Thursday? Take the day off!" What a cool guy!

So she and my Aunt Lori (we call her Lolo around here) came up with the kids and totally surprised me! Totally lifted my spirits. They all had a picnic on the floor of my hospital room and Seth scavenged everyone's food (he's a fan of grilled cheese too, apparently.).

So since so many of you asked, I asked Ava if she knew what entreat meant. She shrugged and told me she made it up. She's s trip. My mom read her some of your comments about her song and she got really excited and said "I have fans! I've never had fans before! Now maybe I'll be a little bit famous like Seth!"*

*Back when we were fundraising for Seth's surgery, a friend of Ava's from school who is a few years older than her made a comment about how "Not every baby has his own website! And hardly any babies have huge posters with their faces on them like Seth does. He's like, a little bit famous!"

I wanted to clarify something with everyone about our situation. Yes, it sucks that John's not around supporting me at the hospital and it sucks that he's not interested in being around for the baby. But that doesn't mean we're not getting the support we need. Yes, I wish and want John to support us, too, but please don't mistake that for meaning that we have no support. The kids and I are richly, richly blessed by a wonderful family, friends, and an awesome school and church family. Does that make me less sad that John is not around? Of course not, especially not on bad days. There's nothing that can replace the support of a spouse and the father of your children. But between you all and our friends and family here, I feel incredibly supported and loved. Thank you!

I have some adorable pictures to post in a bit, so stay tuned.
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