Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're alive!

I know, it's late afternoon and lots of you knew I had an appointment this morning! You guys are tenacious! I love it. It was my intention to update right after my appointment, but as usual, things around here are never as simple as they should be.

Jace has been sick...in fact, his pediatrician called me with the report from urgent care and said that his double ear infection actually said that his eardrums were bulging on both sides. Ouch! He was doing much better last night, but when I came home at eight after John's visit with the kids, Ava was telling me her eyes felt weird. Sure enough, within a few hours, she had a full blown case of conjunctivitis of her own. Her face was swollen, her eyes were really puffy, and she was really uncomfortable and therefore awake most of the night. Jace apparently can't live without her, so the only plus to them both being "the same kind of sick" (their words)  was that I could let them be around each other again, so they spent the night propping each other up on the couch.

And, of course, now they're all coughing and Seth has woken up wheezing the past two days. No sign of pink eye or ear troubles for him yet, but with him everything always seems to go straight to his lungs. Luckily we have just about every medication and breathing treatment he could ever need here at home because he's has such serious emergency issues before, so we're in good shape to treat him at home as needed. So far it's been very mild.

So, that was this morning. So I was already pretty tired when I made it to my appointment, but I did make it, and everything went reasonably well. Fewer contractions than usual (yay!) and she was nice and active. My fundal height was measuring about a month smaller than it should have been, so my doctor did an ultrasound and things look okay. We've got an average baby (58th percentile) in there, which is a first for me! It was a huge relief for me to see that she's over 4 pounds now. For some reason, that feels a LOT bigger than 3 pounds something. It still feels really, really strange that she's so little, though. Seth at this point was already well over six pounds.

So things are going ok. I will say I think I am more exhausted than I have ever been. I came home from my appointment, which was basically a bunch of sitting around, and it was all I could do to get the kids fed lunch and put down for rest time so I could lay down. I am just completely tired and having a hard time getting any good rest, and I just feel like there are lots of things happening. I can't quite put my finger on them, but I definitely feel different than I did last week or before, and I'm just feeling a little anxious.

But the upside is that tomorrow marks 32 weeks and that feels so much better than 31, especially since over the weekend we weren't sure I'd make it to 32! So that's a praise!

I have some other things to post about, mostly the fact that my daughter cut her hair off and what the end result was, but it will have to wait until the kids are in bed. Hope everyone is having a good day!
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