Wednesday, December 9, 2009

34 Weeks!


First off, I apologize for the bad picture. I only had a second to snap one before it was time for a feeding, and I couldn't finagle it so that she was facing the mirror. Figuring out how to make that work is more than my brain is capable of right now.

Today marks what would have been 34 weeks of pregnancy for me. Seth was born this week. Evany is already miles ahead of where Seth was when he was born! It's so weird to think that she should still be inside...I really did originally think I would make it until at least 36 weeks.

Obviously, not so much.

Today has been a relatively low key day...Evany has been having a few more episodes of bradycardia (slow heartrate) and apnea (forgetting to breathe momentarily) than usual. Not sure why they're suddenly rearing their ugly heads now, but it's frustrating. And it kind of freaks me out, to tell you the truth.

Soon I (and anyone who wants to be able to care for Evany without me there) will be getting some kind of training in infant CPR and taught how to use the apnea monitor that will come home with her when she does. I'm glad that's happening...I like to be prepared and there's something about a NICU stay that makes you think that you can't take care of the baby without all the high tech equipment. Even though I know I can, every time they hand me a baby and wave goodbye, I wonder what they're thinking. After spending day after day watching the monitors like a hawk it's hard to adjust to an untethered baby.

Okay, this is unrelated, but...Tiger? Seriously? Why do these guys suck so much? Is it that hard to either focus on your wife or at least end your marriage completely before you start dating/sleeping around/whatever you want to call it? Seriously. I hate that this has been all over the news, that kids are seeing this stuff, with Tiger and Jon Gosselin, and growing up with this behavior being typical and unsurprising to them. Hate. Ugh.

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