Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mish Mash

I may be sleeping with my eyes open right now. Mondays and Wednesdays are always hectic days because we have homeschool co-op and John also visits the kids on those days, (Does that answer the question some of you had?) so I'm normally out of the house on those evenings. Today was insane, since it was the last day of homeschool before Christmas Vacation. The kids were completely insane. Tomorrow is the last day of actual school and there will be the Christmas parties that go along with it. The kids are completely nonsensical at this point. They're really nothing but jibbering monkeys running around forgetting everything they're supposed to be doing because SCHOOL'S OUT! Who knew it started in elementary school?!

We were running around literally all day and never got back home until almost four in the afternoon, and a large chunk of that time was spent running around Jo-Ann's getting supplies for a Christmas gift for Ava to give a classmate at her party tomorrow. Ava and Jace were crazy. Nuts. A trip that could have been fifteen minutes stretched out to over an hour because they either run way ahead or lag way behind. That bugs me. Why can't they just walk next to the stroller? Don't get it.

This is another reason I couldn't post until now:


She may look innocent, but I just took this a little while ago and she was totally demanding to know why I wasn't feeding her already since she had gone to all the trouble of waking up and all. You have to read between the lines of that sweet look. I think today might have been the first day I've heard her cry and it was for about two seconds.

Her pediatrician appointments have been going alright...her bilirubin is still not going down, although it's also not going up, so we're in a holding pattern until we go back Friday to recheck it. She went to have it checked on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Her weight is fluctuating a little...she's been everywhere from 4 lbs 14 oz to 5 lb 2 oz. Hopefully by Friday we'll see that she's going in the right direction.

I have to tell you guys that this monitor is the biggest mixed blessing ever. I love it because I don't have to worry about her and check on her every second, but that alarm is incredibly loud. Today she alarmed at Jo-Ann Fabrics and popped right out of it on her own (Bradycardia), but the machine had already gone off and totally freaked out all the little old ladies who were fabric shopping.

That was nothing compared to the other day, though. We were heading from the waiting room at the pediatrician's office to the back, and Jace accidentally stepped on the cord of Evany's monitor. It disconnected and started alarming and no matter what buttons I pushed, it wouldn't stop. When I was trained on the monitor, the lady showed me how to shut it off. Then it just so happened that the machine we had didn't work, so she had to go get another, and it's slightly different. Apparently one of the differences is in the way it turns off, because no matter what I did, I couldn't get the stupid thing to shut off so I could regroup and reconnect Evany. It literally felt like years before I could get it to turn off. It was like an air raid siren, so loud and crazy and Seth was screaming and Jace was freaking out and the stupid thing just kept alarming.

Love/Hate, I tell you.

Want to talk about something I just plain love, though?

I spoke the other day about not having stockings for the kids, but I've rectified that situation. Check it out:




I'm kind of in love with it all, and I think they look really cool! The red ones are for me, Ava, and Evany. The greens are for Jace and Seth, and the gold one is for Eli.

But the best part? The stockings? $1. Ribbon? $1. Stencils and glitter pen to personalize the stockings? $5. Hook things to attach them all to the cupboards? $3.49. We already had the wreath. So whatever that adds up to (basically less than $15 to decorate and hang all six stockings), I think it's pretty good, considering how expensive they are everywhere else. And I think they look pretty nice for $1 stockings, personally. The letters stand out a lot more in person, and they were still drying in the pictures here.

Also, you totally get a glimpse of my cluttered kitchen. Those are the perks of an open floor plan, I guess! Usually things are more orderly, but once again...visit nights are crazy.

Ok, now I really am sleeping with my eyes open. One more day then we get almost three whole weeks without school or therapy! It's too good to be true.

I hope you're all having a great night! If you're already asleep, I am totally jealous of you.
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