Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trucking Along


What's Evany so excited about?

Well, she's taken one more step towards going home!


Okay, Okay. She's can't walk yet, so she didn't actually take any steps.

She's not that advanced, people.

But she did pass her car seat study! Not one single dip in her oxygen saturation in 90 minutes. How cool is that??? God is so good.

Warning: The next paragraph is nerdy CPST talk...

Doesn't she look ridiculously tiny in that seat? My goodness. But the child passenger safety tech in me LOVES how well it fits her! She's way too small to fit correctly in Seth's infant seat, (Oh, my beloved Orbit...) so I finally get to try out the Chicco Keyfit in an up close and personal way until she grows into it! I have to say, I'm impressed with this seat. The straps are below her shoulders, the chest clip is proportioned nicely for her body, and the buckle isn't ridiculously huge. Plus, the infant support in there positions her really nicely and supports her head. This seat really fits preemies well, which I've always heard but never been able to test out personally since my preemies haven't historically been preemie sizes.

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