Sunday, January 3, 2010


On a typical weekend afternoon in our house, you could overhear me say some things similar to this. Or, you know, exactly this.

"Don't pee on your brother!"

"How do you think God will feel if we can't go to church just because you won't PUT ON YOUR SHOES? I think he'll feel pretty sad, don't you?"

"Jace, are you trying to nurse your sister?"

"That's it. You've lost the privilege of sitting on the furniture."

"Please don't stick your head into the toilet. You've already had a bath today."

"He actually seems to prefer eating his food off the floor. I'm kind of okay with it."

"I'm giving your brother a head start crawling to the van, but we're leaving as soon as he gets there! Get a move on."

"I don't care who eats what as long as everyone's plates are clean. Just don't tell me you're hungry later."

"Calm down, wearing a dress doesn't mean you'll turn into a girl...why are you wearing a dress, though?"

"I know you don't take naps any more, but rest time is really more for Mommy than for you, anyway."
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