Friday, January 1, 2010


My kids stayed up until 3:30 in the morning.

You read that right.

Well, Seth didn't...he went to bed at 7. Evany napped on and off but was wide awake for the longest stretch of time in her entire life from about 10 until after midnight. She surveyed the situation, saw ten kids totally being insane, and put on her disapproving face. She's probably going to be a tattle tale one day.

Ava and Jace, however, were in it for the long haul, as were most of the other kids. They knew it was a marathon and not a sprint, and they partied hard. They watched a little too much Tom & Jerry and therefore everyone got hurt at least once, they watched the ball drop and got to crack a lackin with their noisemakers, and they jumped their little hearts out on the trampoline. They also ate roughly 78 pounds of rice crispy treats, popcorn, and various other snack foods.

Jace, however, got major brownie points by making sure he was close enough by me to give me a big old kiss at midnight, which was incredibly cute.

I don't really know what happened between midnight and three in the morning...I wasn't even drinking, but all the kids and screaming and running around and the destruction that ensued makes everything a little fuzzy.

I do know that I was very thankful that John had today off work and had plans to spend the day with the kids. He showed up at the house pretty early and fed the kids breakfast while I napped on the couch, wrapped up in my awesome Slanket/Snuggie like robe/blanket thing. The kids were happy to lay around as well, so that's basically all the happened this morning in various parts of the house. Eventually we rallied and went out to lunch, in which the kids suddenly perked up and acted insane the entire time. Salt and pepper were sprinkled liberally on the table, Jace kept diving underneath the booth to do something or other, and they both skipped lunch in favor of dessert. Seth kept offering Evany pieces of his pizza, and when I told him she didn't want any, he put those same pieces on his head and then cracked up laughing. He's a comedian, and he thinks his jokes are funny even if no one else does. At one point Ava and Jace were both standing in the corner of the booth holding forks, starting in the direction of the kitchen, salivating at the thought of their molten chocolate cake.

Then all four kids passed out in the van and I took advantage of their exhaustion and of having another adult around and ran into Wal Mart while John watched them in the car.

Why did I need to go to Wal-Mart?

I'll tell you.

Every single flipping light in my house burnt out within 24 hours, and I've been too lazy to drag them all to the store. So the past couple of nights the kids and I have been stumbling around stubbing our toes on things and I've been putting make up on without the benefit of a mirror. But no longer! I got the bulbs I needed...four different types, which...really? That's way too many kinds. But now I'm bathing in light everywhere I go and I'm also noticing several spots I missed cleaning the floor. Oops.

Does someone want to come over and take my Christmas decorations down for me? That would be awesome. How was your new year? Does anyone else feel a little disturbed by Dick Clark these days? I know I do. He makes me feel sad.

Also, it's freezing cold here, again. This is ridiculous.
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