Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What have you been wondering about?

So tonight I read a post I could totally have written about myself if it weren't for the fact that five children in five years have made my brain go missing. But if it wasn't and if I had been on the cruise I would have been on had I not gone and gotten pregnant with the most adorable baby girl ever, and if my great friend Mandy hadn't been the one who actually did this, it's totally something I would do. Check it out, she's totally hilarious.

So we've been on the go go go all day and let me tell you, man my kids are over tired. So over tired they can't fall asleep and wowee, this is going to be a fun night.

So what I was thinking's been a while since we've done an ask and answer post. My friend Sarah aka Kingdom Mama are looking for some idea for our next super thrilling phone conversation and you guys always give me great food for thought. So ask away whatever's been on your mind in the comments of this post and I will answer either in the comments, in a new post, or with some really fun stuff, Sarah and I may delve into it on air while our children quietly work on quadratic equations in the background.

Ha ha! Hahaha. Ha. Ha?

Yeah, maybe not. But Sarah and I both love to hear your questions, and I know we've both been surprised by how much some questions can make you think. Plus, I think I could probably get my brain in gear better with some set questions and then hopefully I'll be able to jump back into the deep end of actual real writing again. If Evany and Seth would give me my brain back, that is. Oh, what a happy day that will be!

Anyway, shoot me your questions on pretty much whatever topic you want. Kids, blogging, drama, steam mops...It'll be fun!
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