Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A first!

Because Evany is my fifth child, I don't get a lot of firsts with her. In fact, when you factor in all five kids, I've pretty much been through every quirky/sad/happy baby and kid milestone and behavior. Colicky babies, sleep issues, the terrible twos...I've had a kid sent home from school because he couldn't handle his socks being different heights. I've been through the potty training wringer. 

When it comes to pre school and below, I've pretty much been there, done that, and gotten the t-shirt(s). 

But one thing I hadn't ever done before the other night?

Pulled out a tooth out of my child's head.


It was hanging by a thread and after we took this obligatory 'before' picture, I yanked it right out of her pretty little mouth. Halfway through she changed her mind, but by then it was out and she was over it and bouncing around like a puppy asking to call just about everyone she's ever met to tell them.


It was a first. I haven't had a first in a while. It was a cool bonding moment for Ava and me, and although I totally broke my own rule (Never pull out your kids teeth, no matter what), we both thought it was pretty exciting. She even got five bucks under her pillow since it was her first tooth and all.

Of course, we now have a problem because she lost the other bottom tooth tonight and there is no way I am giving her another five dollars. I don't have a money tree! She's going to have to settle for a pack of gum this time.

I can't believe I have a kid big enough to be losing her teeth! Wow. I think I might start charging a fee to pull them to help cut down on tooth fairy costs.
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