Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kids are chaos


This is a snapshot of our weekend.

Not really, though, because at least two kids are missing from this picture.

One of my very favorite friends, Sarah, (She is the one who took this picture so we could memorialize the ridiculousness of taking 11 kids to Wendy's with four adults) drove up from Fort Meyers for a conference and she left her adorable son, Zachary, to play with us. Ava and Zach are all of 6 days apart and they have been best friends since, oh, almost a year before this picture was taken:


That's Zach in the green dino costume. Zach and Ava had their first birthday parties together as well as their second. They were joined at the hip. John and Sarah's husband, Josh used to be very close friends as well, along with the rest of our gang here. So we all cried a lot when they moved away. Sarah is also the beautiful lady who designed Seth's fundraising business cards last year and my fancy tattoo! She's pretty awesome.

On one of her last visits, we took this picture (yes I'm showing you an old picture because we failed to take any this weekend), and I think this was proof that Ava's going to be a photographer...


That's Laura, Amy, me, Mara, and Sarah. We have a lot of fun together. This weekend, we sat around and let our kids play for six uninterrupted hours at a park, then, when they were way overstimulated and overtired and over-everything, we took them to Wendy's.

Not the best idea ever, but...seemed like a good choice at the time! We got just long enough to remember how much we miss her when she's not here, and now I'm a little depressed because I miss when she lived down the road from me. Sarah was my very first friend in Florida, and I love her like family.

Speaking of family, though...

My Logan is coming for her spring break in just a few weeks! We're going to have so much fun! Then, either during or just after, Jacob is coming (Scroll down on that post to see some pictures so cute you'll throw up!). Then, then, best friend and Jace's godmother Kara, and my another one of my best friends, Keith, are flying down to have a sort of party in honor of my divorce being final. Tacky, yes, but it will be so nice to see them and let loose a little bit! They'll also be here for Eli's third birthday, which will be really nice, since this is the first year we won't be celebrating his birthday in New York, which makes me really sad, so it'll be nice to have a distraction and we'll be able to plan something great for his birthday with them and the neighbors.

In other words, March is going to be full to the brim, and I am so excited about that, as I am always a little more down that month leading up to Eli's birthday, thinking about all the things that happened and the last weeks I was pregnant with him.

Man, I made this amazing broccoli salad today...I'm kind of in love with myself, even if I did burn the heck out of my arm frying the bacon. Totally worth it.
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