Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

So my children are basically little monsters, or possibly they're going to be brilliant. I most definitely need to stop letting them have rest time alone in their room, but man, that 2 hours keeps me sane,'s a toss up.  Yesterday they got into an art kit of Ava's and painted a landscape in black paint on their walls.  Today they did an "experiment" wherein they got a toy gumball machine, filled it with water from every single bottle of water in our house, and were surprised when it leaked.

Good experiment.  Also good that I got rid of their carpet a long time ago. Not good that they wasted an entire roll of paper towels cleaning up.

After the painting incident Mara and I were sitting at the kitchen table and I was contemplating whether drinking wine at 3 was trashy or not. I did conclude that all I had in the house was beer, and as tempting as it was, I was definitely not going to drink beer at 3 pm as that definitely WAS trashy, even if it was relatively fancy beer like Stella Artois left over from New Year's. Instead of drinking, I called John and told him he may not have any children left if he didn't come entertain them for a while and take care of the mess, God love them. He headed over with a guitar and apparently serenaded them into submission, which was nice, although I did notice today that none of that black paint actually got cleaned up, so...ugh. But at least I got a chance to put it all into perspective instead of listing my kids on freecycle. Normally I'm fine with being the only adult in the house, but every once in a while it gets to be a bit much.

Because of my bad day, my friend Jeremy decided to drive up from south Florida and hang out, and I was actually able to talk him into line dancing, which was hilarious. I'm a terrible line dancer, let me tell you, but I think it's the most entertaining thing to do, ever, and I don't mind when people ask me to dance because I'm not expected to touch them.

That sounded weird. I'm not against touching people, I just don't like to touch random people. I got J to hit the floor for the Cha Cha Slide, which always reminds me of the cruises the girls and I take, and man, you have never seen anything more entertaining than a 6 and a half foot tall guy doing the Charlie Brown and bringing it down low. We also got to witness some amazing mechanical bull riding and you would not believe how many girls tried to ride the thing tandem facing each other and how hard I laughed every time they inevitably knocked heads. Physics, people. It's going to happen. The best, thought, was the girl who rode the bull wearing her festively fuzzy Christmas Socks. I mean, it's only February. In Florida.

The highlight, though, was this 45-50 year old man who struck up a conversation with me while Jeremy was off talking to people, which is a talent he has. He was wearing a paisley shirt that was oh so definitely purchased on some sort of cruise, and he had mardi gras beads on. It was unclear whether he had added the beads at home to finish off his outfit or whether he'd procured them at the bar doing who knows what, but it was the most amazing outfit. He started our conversation by asking me if I'd ridden a horse to the bar, and he seemed slightly disappointed when I told him that I had not, and that the car I'd ridden in was just a plain old sedan and not a juiced up monster truck. He asked me if I was single and when I told him I was going through a divorce, he nodded excitedly and said "Perfect!" Nice, let me tell you. When Jeremy came back I escaped and left him stranded talking to Paisley Shirt Guy and it was awesome, even though I got several texts telling me that he hated me for it. I can live with that.

So all in all, a relatively successful weekend. Ava is newly obsessed with folding her own laundry, so we've been working on that and man, wouldn't that be nice if she did a chore? Seth spent all day today at church obsessed with a drinking fountain and he still won't even think about going to the nursery. I left him in child care last week for a meeting and the kid cried so hard he puked. I've never seen a kid like this. I spent some time on the phone with Sarah this afternoon, so be on the lookout for the link to that...thirty minutes of your life you'll never get back listening to us try to stay on one topic for more than twenty seconds. We're not watching the super bowl, mostly because I only watch sports for a good reason like food or a party. I am, however, rooting for the Colts in support of Indiana. Go Colts!
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