Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cousins, Sisters, Friends

I don't know if I've ever told you guys I'm an only child, but...I'm an only child!

Most people in my life would say that they figured that out already because I am probably the classic only child. I was pretty spoiled and I have always liked getting plenty of attention. I had seven years on my own before my cousin Logan came around and my grandparents spoiled me rotten.

Our family, though, was always very tight knit growing up and I had cousins both older and younger than I was that I spent lots of time with. As we got older though, we stopped hanging out as much and it wasn't until a few years ago that Logan and I started making a concerted effort to stay close again. Since then, I've visited for a few weeks every summer and she comes to spend time with us on her spring breaks. (Usually her sister Jordan is involved too, but she took off to Brazil for six months) We eat a lot of ice cream, make terrible jokes, drive around a lot, line dance badly, act like dorks, and basically have a great time doing not much of anything. We talk about important things and silly things, boys and bible verses and whether cherry limeades are strawberry limeades from sonic are better. This year, we've made a new resolution to talk on the phone every week to stay caught up.

Tonight, Logan and I were playing a heated game of Deal or No Deal at the arcade, and afterwards we were spending our winnings at the coupon counter. I picked out a deck of cards, and as we walked down the street, Logan said "Should we split the deck of cards when I leave as a symbol showing we're not whole when we're apart?"

We both cracked up laughing and went on and on about how we'd both end up sitting at home trying to play solitaire with half a deck of cards and lamenting how we just never seem to win, and in the end we were sitting in my car bent over holding our sides laughing about that and who knows what else. But on the way home it hit me.

I'm so happy that we've put the work into staying close to each other. How blessed we all are to have each other as we grow up and get older.

Without you around, Logie, my deck of cards would be woefully short.  I love you!

Who's someone in your life whose presence helps you win solitaire? =)
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