Monday, March 29, 2010

No Pictures, Please!

So, we spent all day at Busch Garden's yesterday. In a down pour. The cool part was that it wasn't crowded, and the Gorilla's were hanging out super close to the viewing area, which hardly ever happens when we're there!

This particular Gorilla was pulling the classic face hiding maneuver. Then he shot us an intense dirty look, basically saying we were idiots standing in the rain watching him when he was just trying to get some R & R. Then he gave up and ran off to find someplace else he wouldn't be hounded by paparazzi. It was hilarious, and the most human-esque expression I've ever seen on a gorilla. It was so cool.




I love his run. It was awesome. Thanks to you all for the sweet thoughts and comments meant a lot to be able to read those throughout the day. Overall, it was a good day, as good as it could have been. I love you guys!

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