Saturday, April 3, 2010


I've been cleaning all day...the kids now have a very clean, and a very, very empty room. I've made a no toys in the bedroom policy and now I'm sticking to it. For reals. My kids are severely challenged in the picking up after themselves department, and it's just easier on everyone to keep the toys in the main areas of the house.  Plus it's easier to weed things out that way, too. You can only let the McDonald's toys add up for so long, you know?

I'm still waiting on the official mortgage paperwork stating our set in stone deal...they're being slow...thanks to all of you, though, I have enough to make the first big payment! I'm so excited...I can't even tell you. Maybe now that we'll be able to stay I'll find a plumber who will fix our second bathroom! We've been living with one thinking it would be throwing money away to fix it, but I'd love to have a second bathroom again. And a working dishwasher. Seth's been really working hard at it with a screwdriver, but so far it's still broken. He gets an E for effort, though.

For those of you who date the other night was super fun! He was very sweet and opened doors and everything. Just to clue you all in to how dorky and judgmental I can be, though, I'll tell you how fast I jump to conclusions. We had met up for dinner and driven separately, and when it was time to go to the movies, he offered to drive, and I said sure. We walked to his very shiny car, and as he opened the door for me, he told me to move the stuff on the front seat off so I could sit down. I was looking at him as he said it, and before I even looked at the seat, I got kind of annoyed, thinking that he hadn't even cleared off his front seat beforehand. Now this is why it's van was completely a mess. If he had ridden in my car I would have had to basically take five minutes to find the front seat. I have no idea why I thought his seat should be cleared off and mine didn't need to me. I'm a dork.

So yeah, luckily I just thought that in my head, because when I looked down, there were flowers on the seat waiting for me and an otherwise spotless vehicle interior.

Pretty cute, right? I'm not normally into flowers, but it was really nice and a total surprise. I love being surprised. Normally I'm nosy and I ruin all surprises for myself, so...yeah. That was pretty cool. Also pretty cool was the fact that I played foosball for the first time and totally won by a mile. Maybe I'm a foosball prodigy, a savant. Or he let me win. But wouldn't the savant thing be cool?

So yeah, fun time. The weather here finally warmed up, and the kids and I have had a happening spring break. We hit up Busch Gardens twice, swam at the pool, visited with friends and family who were visiting down here, had play dates at the park, and got some household projects done. And I got a little bit of a tan! I know it's terrible for you and everything, but I feel so much better about myself with a tan. I don't know why, but it's totally true. If you guys are still reading my blog when I have my first skin cancer scare you can tell me you told me so. Just kidding. Kind of.

I skyped with some fun bloggers the other night. Mandy Hornbuckle, Gitzengirl, and Amie. It was pretty awesome. I had to get off because Lost was calling me, and they were still talking when I got back. But I got to jump back on and Sara called me a work of art. I think she has a thing for me. Or she was quoting a of those. Probably the latter, now that I think about it. And we all sat there and watched Mandy make breakfast burritos. We were all supposed to have a glass of wine together, but I only had beer in the house, so I guess I brought a touch of fraternity party to the classy wine party. Or something. It was kind of classy beer at least, I guess. Anyway, just another thing that has made me realize how this blog thing is real life, after all. Pretty cool.

Does anyone watch the Vampire Diaries? Loving it right now.

I didn't do Easter baskets for my kids. I know, I know. But I kind of hate how the kids just get candy for every single holiday nowadays. We'll do something fun tomorrow, and we did go to a Deaf Easter Egg Hunt today. The Easter Bunny showed, up, and Jace promptly climbed up on his back, saw that his "head" was a different piece than his body, and told everyone that the Bunny was a human and not a bunny at all.

Luckily the kids were mostly all deaf so they didn't get traumatized. Definitely happened the best way it could have. I don't mind them not being into the Easter fact, I'd prefer it, but he's got to learn to keep his mouth shut. Of course, that's difficult for him. He talks basically 24 hours a day, just can't stop himself.

I hope everyone has a great Easter!
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