Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's officially summer! Which means that I just took the trash out and stood outside with my neighbor saying "What in the world are we supposed to do with these kids tomorrow?!"

It's amazing how fast that happens, the shift from "I can't wait until summer!" to "Oh, man... it's summer." I have three months of actually occupying my children to look forward to. We'll see how that goes! I will be signing them up for as many VBS's as I can find. Judge me if you want.

This morning, on the way to Ava's very fancy kindergarten graduation (yes, I now have a first grader. A FIRST GRADER. Eeek!), I managed to get a picture of all four kids for the first time since Christmas. Of course it was in the car, which is appropriate, since we spend our lives in that thing. Vivi looks a lot less yellow this time around.


In face, Evany is looking pretty pink cheeked and rosy, and...dare I say it...chubby. In fact, when I did the math for what the kid is actually eating these days, I was a bit shocked. Let's just say she is taking in more than any of my other children ever did. She's hardcore. I'll go into more detail when I update on all things Evany in her six month post, coming ideally around her 6 month birthday. But you know me, so maybe just aiming for before a year would be good.

And yes, Jace has vampire teeth. I have no words for that. He is his own person. And that's putting it lightly.

On an unrelated note...did I really go nearly 28 years of my life (next week!) without knowing the awesomeness that is Bacon Pizza? It sounds like it could kill you, and maybe it will, but it is amazing. I think it might be my new favorite food. It sounds kind of gross, but nonetheless, it is perfection.

Are there any other weird but great foods I'm missing out on? Fill me in!

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