Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vivi at 5 months

Seth would like to re-introduce you to his baby sister, Evany. You may have forgotten she existed since I have been so lax in blogging about her.

She just turned five months old (three months adjusted).


While she's getting simply huge in Vivi terms, when compared to normal sized babies, she's still a shrimp. At five months she weighs 13 pounds and is 24 inches long. According to her actual age, she's below the 5th percentile, but if you take her adjusted age into account, she's above the 50th, so I'm not too worried about it.


She smiles as soon as anyone bothers to look in her direction and she is a wild kicker. She's just discovered her hands and feet and she is mesmerized by them as well as by her siblings and all the other kids who spoil her rotten.


She just got a new playmat (and the toys haven't even gotten cut off yet, surprisingly enough) and she is obsessed with it. Obsessed. She rolls around in pure glee and grabs onto the music and light player, shoving it up against her face and talking to it. I'm reasonably sure she's going to cause herself to have a seizure like those kids who watch a lot of anime. The lights flash all over her face and she screams if you try to move her away from the lights and music.


She's a remarkably easy baby, to be honest. She's also remarkably bald. She hangs out, sleeps a bunch of hours at night, and is generous with her smiles. She also spends a good bit of time giving me slightly puzzled looks, like she has an inkling she should have been born into a different family, maybe one where she wasn't the fifth born. Like she maybe thinks being a spoiled first born would have been preferable.


She seems to be adjusting to our family, though, although one day she may throw a tantrum and scream "I hate being the baby! You're not my real mother, I know you stole me from a family with a huge pool and waterslide. I know I'm really a spoiled only child and my real parents are pining away for me somewhere with only the other half of this locket to remember me by!"

Or maybe I fell asleep watching "Annie" the other night...I couldn't really say.

Anyway, we think she's cute and that we'll keep her...hopefully she feels the same way!


Updating to add:

Because Vivi is such a typical baby despite being born 2 months early, I forgot to update on her actual preemie issues. Imagine that! I love that her issues are small enough I can forget about them. She's off the apnea monitor and doing well, and her eyes are healthy at this point, which is a huge blessing! The only remaining issue Evany has to deal with (at the moment) is with her heart. She has a VSD that has still not closed up (although her PFO did close up...yay!) and her Cardiologist says that it's of an abnormal shape and size, so we're watching her and letting her grow for now. In a few months he'll decide if surgery is the right option for her. I'm not going to worry about it right now, and we'll just keep praying that it clears up without surgery.

As far as milestones go, she's more like a 3 month old than a 5 month old, although that's not exactly right, either. She's kind of straddling the fence between the two, although she is much more advanced than Seth was at this age. Although it really wouldn't take much! Luckily Seth's physical therapist is keeping an eye on Vivi too. if we begin to see any issues, we can take care of them quickly.

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