Thursday, June 10, 2010

Any Questions?

I wanted to post a giveaway/review of something so adorable you'll squeal, but then I got on facebook, saw someone I wanted to talk to, and the chat function was all messed up and my best friend Kara and I kept sending each other random messages without the other person receiving them and I got supremely frustrated and distracted.

So, anyway,  in the past six months since Evany has been born and I did my last question and answer post, I've gotten a lot of random questions by email or in the comments, and since I've been, oh, a little distracted by lots of things, I've been terrible at answering them. I feel bad for neglecting my emails and comments for a while, and so....

In light of that, I'm opening up this post for any and all questions you guys feel like throwing my way, on whatever topic your heart desires.  If you don't want to post them or Disqus won't let you, email them to me and I'll answer them in a post this weekend. If you've asked something before and I didn't answer, please feel free to ask again...I'm terrible at responding to an email or question in my head and forgetting to ever do it in real life. So ask away! I like talking with you all about things big and small.

And stay tuned for the adorable giveaway I have coming up! I may give extra entries for good/funny/entertaining questions, so get a move on!

Oh, and here's a hint:


No, I'm not giving away the baby. let's just get that cleared up right now.
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